December 16, 2016

Christmas Photos

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts about the holiday season is receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. I plaster them all over my pantry door with scotch tape. It is tacky but I don’t care. I love seeing the joyful faces!
I think somehow I would love to figure out something with clothespins on an evergreen garland, but this year won't be the year I figure it out...#toobusytravelling

Last year I wanted to try a cutesy way of displaying my years Christmas cards so that I could enjoy seeing the past and how we have grown. I thought I had this great idea of getting a big ribbon and hot gluing the pictures to the ribbon.

So I did that. While it was on the door. As you can guess...which I didn't...that yep, I took off the paint on the door where I glued.

It is painted over and now taped up.
All better right?

Ugh. Here is praying for a smarter holiday season.
How do you display your holiday cards?


  1. I use to just tape them on the door at the condo until my stepsister did a craft night and we made a Merry Mail sign similar to these: It works so much easier and doesn't leave the residue of tape. I love it...but I got to say that either I'm on the naughty list and have been kicked off people's list or they just aren't doing them this year.

  2. I do something very similar to what you did but I use the picture hanging command hooks to secure the ribbon (to a cabinet in our home). One piece on the inside of cabinet (top and bottom) and another on the ribbon so it is ready for next year. They have these cute tiny little clothespins at Michaels and the Target dollar aisle. I hot glued them onto the ribbon (before hanging it up) and then clip the cards into it. It was a lot of work but I'll just pack it away with my Christmas decorations to put back up next year.

    The Lovely Latte

  3. Aww, that turned out really cute, even if the hot glue wasn't a great way to do it! Tape is always my decor go-to, haha!


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