December 2, 2016

Five on Friday: Birthday Edition

In addition to holiday season, three very important people have near Thanksgiving birthdays. My husband, my sister and best girlfriend have birthdays all around Thanksgiving. Between that and working Thanskgiving, it has been a busy time of year...

Kevin had his golden birthday! I feel bad for him with his birthday so close to Thanksgiving, but I knew I wanted to make this one special for him. I did scare him a little bit by getting into a car accident. I am sore, everyone was fine, but my poor car is totaled. And right before the holidays and right after a full tank of gas, oil change, and brand new dashboard. Great huh? But at least everyone is safe!

But back to men's birthdays, they are so hard! Let's face it, doing something cutesy pertaining to the golden birthday is probably more fun for girls than for guys. Never the less, I think there are some simple efforts that your guys will appreciate for the golden birthday.
One. A Golden Gift: I got him a brand new cell phone! Something special is much deserved!
Two. A Golden Cake: I got golden candles and contrasted it with a beautifully dark cake. Very easy. Sure he had to share with my sister for 21, but he enjoyed it!
Three. A Golden Decor: Simple gold balloons, some gold confetti, and a nice table setting are all that is needed!
Four. Golden Fun: Love this idea from Hostess With The Mostess. Spray paint and fill with his favorite candy. It will bring him back!
DIY Gold Burro Pinata - Before and After
Five. Golden Card: I mean. Happy Golden Birthday!

My sister turned 21. I put her cake together with Kevin's. I also let her practice put IVs in me. Oh to be in Nursing School again...

My girlfriend and I only had time to go out for a glass bottle of wine, but I made sure I spoiled her with some good gifts and can't wait to spend some more time over Christmas with her!
I had to really be careful online because of Gilmore Girls. I am the biggest Gilmore Girls fan, but I was busy working and travelling to get to see my sister for her 21st birthday. Well, I was finally able to watch it! Seriously, what did everyone think of it? Life is not always happy go lucky, but I wasn't expecting Rory to be such a shit show. Being the other woman, being wonder she is failing in the real world.

No worries, I have still made time for me. Charity events, friend time, and football! I love this time of year!

What did you think of Gilmore Girls?


  1. Glad to hear you're ok!! Happy bday to your hubs too!!

  2. Love all the golden birthday accents! It's so fun you got to celebrate two milestone birthdays of people close to you! So glad to hear you were okay in the accident.

  3. Aww, I love all the golden candles (and silver candles) for the joint birthday cake! This is a pretty busy time of year for you! You can tell you're also a nurse if you let your sister practice IVs on you--no way I'd let anyone practice that on me! haha!


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