December 19, 2016

How I Stay Sane and Cooking During The Holiday Season

Picture this: I am done with a 12.5 hour shift at the hospital and have driven home (45 minute commute). I am now standing over a hot stove making some dinner. The kitchen is sweltering, I just want to serve toast for dinner at this point, but my husband has been travelling lately and just wants a home cooked meal.

Oh and it is the holiday season. Being someone who uses food as a love language, holiday season means making more food in less time. This meals are often more elaborate too. I have to stay sane so I streamline my weeknight meals during the holiday season.

Planning is key and here are some of my favorite ways to streamline my kitchen during the holidays.

For The Events:

Simple Breakfasts:
If I have overnight guests needing breakfast, I often serve overnight casseroles, make ahead muffins, or just plain make eggs and bacon.

My Favorite Make Ahead Breakfasts:
I Love Salads:
Salads are an easy way to make a big impact. It is light but filling.

My Favorite Easy Salads:

Follow Five Simple Big Event/Meal Commandments
You can find them here.

For The Weeknight Meals:

Use Soup and Leftovers:
My husband and I always make Turkey Soup after our Friendsgiving Event which kicks off the holiday season. Having so much soup helps us around the holidays when we don't have time to make a meal. We also use leftovers after that meal to our advantage.

My Favorite Turkey Leftover Recipes and Soups:
I Use My Husband:
He has learned is way around the kitchen and has some recipes he does well on when I am working. I leave him to the cooking sometimes.

Recipes Easy Enough For a Husband to Make:

Use Recipes Big Enough For Leftovers:
When all else fails, just make something that will give you more than one meal!

Recipes Easy Enough For a Husband to Make:

What are your best weeknight strategies for everyday meals during the hectic holiday season?
What are your best meal strategies for having guests over?

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  1. Love this! My weeknight strategies are easy meals. I usually buy precut vegetables from Whole Foods and make stir fry-type dishes.


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