January 16, 2017

Bringing Someone A Meal

Bringing someone a meal is always a good thing when anyone is going through a busy time in their life. Thankfully my meals lately have been for a lot of girls in my life who are having babies. But these meals can also be for people when they are hurt, sick, when a death has happened, relocated, or just cause! Casseroles are the perfect comfort food and because they can feed a hungry crowd, they are the perfect food gift. So no matter who you are gifting a meal to, every gift casserole (and really, any meal you bring to someone) needs three things that make the gift of food even better:
Disposable Pan
Do your best to give a gift casserole in a dish that doesn't need to be returned to you. For most of us that will mean picking up a few aluminum baking pans from the grocery store, but if waste is a concern, look to your local thrift store for baking dishes that you can gift. Just be sure to tell the recipient that the casserole dish doesn't need to be returned.

List of Ingredients
I like to put the list of ingredients in case someone has certain allergies or food restrictions. The list of ingredients does not need to include amounts, but try to make it as complete as possible.

Cooking Instructions
Don't assume that your gift casserole recipient knows how to reheat a lasagna. Tape the cooking or reheating instructions right on the casserole. Bonus points if you also include freezing and thawing instructions in case they have many casseroles.

What else do you think that all gifted meals need?


  1. Great tips! I never think to add an ingredient list but it makes so much sense. I've also seen it suggested that you also drop off paper plates/cutlery, which I think is so smart!

  2. Good tips. I'd maybe ask what they like and already have gotten bc when my mom passed away I got sick of spaghetti & lasagna real fast ;)

  3. These are great tips! A meal can mean so much. After my daughter was born, my husband had to return to work almost immediately. With him out of town and traveling, I would've never taken the time to cook just for myself with a newborn. It was so nice to receive meals from friends. Even from friends who were busy, it still meant so much when they would drop something pre-prepared off or gift a FoodieCall gift certificate. I think another important tip is that it doesn't have to be something elaborate to be so appreciated.

    The Lovely Latte


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