January 10, 2017

Nine Healthy Recipes

Right now I think a lot of us are feeling the pressure of wanting to start the year off right and healthy or continue our healthy ways. In winter with the holiday season, it can be hard to find meals that fit into both categories of being delicious and comforting.

So link up today with Jenn and I for Tuesday Topics! We can all hopefully find some new healthy recipes to try! You can click the links to these recipes and find all of the instructions!

What says healthy more than starting your day with a burst of smoothie goodness!

This is one of the easiest recipes to make. Perfect for when you need a quick meal or side dish!

This salad is cool, light, and refreshing which is perfect after you have had nothing but heavy foods!

I make this for lunches during the week and hopefully it lasts that long because I always find myself snacking on it!

As long as you don't eat too many in one sitting (as I often do), these are so SO SO good and healthy!

Using zucchini as your base, this is amazingly cheesy and you won't miss the the carb noodle.

Another zucchini recipe, but you can sub zucchini for another veggie too! I like peas in this recipe too!

This is a recipe you need in your winter food arsenal! So good!

First two zucchini recipes and now two cauliflower recipes. This one I got from a great cookbook and it is very yummy!

Any recipe that is easy prep, healthy, and something I can hand my husband to go grill is a winner in my book!

Link up some of your favorite healthy recipes below!


  1. So going to have to make that mac n cheese soon.


  2. i might try that smoothie. it sounds pretty good.

  3. Looove this post! I'm so bad with eating healthy- especially getting in fruits and vegetables. I love the sound of the zucchini and corn pie!

  4. Yummy, getting back my appetite with these lovely meals. Mac and cheese would def be my favourite.


  5. These all look delicious! My husband and I are doing a diet bet, and we're always looking for new recipes!


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