January 13, 2017

Recipe Failures

My blog was started when I got married. I am the normal every girl learning how to adult and live a great everyday life. I am self taught in many regards, especially in the kitchen. Every person who gets in the kitchen has failures. Nobody ever shows that. I have since experimented more in the kitchen with my blog and trust me I have had some failures.

I am not a chef, just a self taught home chef. Very different. Being an every girl and creating recipes results in a lot of trial and error.

Now there are more failures than what is listed. Some of my failures don't have pictures, they get thrown away before I can even whip out my cell phone. Probably for good reason though. I don't take the best pictures anyway and most of these not only tasted bad, but looked AWFUL!

This post is not meant to be a sob story. It shows me how much experimentation I have done and how many more there is to come!

So that’s the short version. If you want more, read on! Otherwise, happy cooking!

I absolutely loved coming up with an easy grill recipe for my husband to make on nights when I am working. I thought it would taste just as great and be colorful. Well...nope. Pineapple Foil Chicken...didn't work!

There was also this time where I tried a tomato cream sauce with chicken. No matter what I did, I could not get the kind of sauce I wanted. But it sounds good right?

Oh and bread without flour? Pretty hard too. It did not taste like bread. Therefore, it is not bread.

So in a world of perfectness, here is some imperfect to remind you that trial and error is normal.


  1. I attempted to make energy bites from a Pinterest recipe once and it was a complete failure. They were way too goopy, even after time in the fridge it was clear that the amount of honey/peanutbutter was way out of proportion to the amount of granola!

  2. I want to make choc chip cookies today and forgot to get vanilla extract...so I hope they still turn out because I'm not going out in ice just to get that!


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