January 20, 2017

Tips For Your Perfect Ski Vacation

Vacations can be stressful, especially when you are the one doing all the planning or going with a lot of people. I have had some not so great ski trips, so learn from me and read on for tips to have the ultimate ski trip ahead of time. This way you will have an amazing trip and enjoy your time on the slopes!

Prepare With The Right Equipment:
Here is a list of what you need:
Ski goggles: When picking out your gear, make sure your goggles fit to the brim of your helmet/hat so there isn’t a gap where snow and cold air can seep in. Your forehead will thank you.
Skis/snowboard, boots, poles: Make sure your boots are snug for good performance.
On and off-mountain hats and gloves.
Neckwarmer/gator/balaclava: Nothing will chill you to the bone faster than the cool air in your face as you cruise down the ski hill. Neck warmers are a must-have for any ski trip!
Inner synthetic layers: As my husband always says, cotton kills. Stay dry and warm by making sure you have lots of quick-drying layers (shirt, bra, long underwear) Also non cotton ski socks!
Waterproof outer layers: Jackets, pants, gloves, the usual!
Sunscreen and Water: Your best friends!

Build In Time To Relax
Planning time on the mountain is important, but so is time off the mountain. Plan for hot tubbing, apres ski, walking through the local town and shopping, etc...for a resting and relaxing time. It balances out the busy and active skiing.

Keep in Contact:
Make sure everyone has maps of the mountain and meeting point time and info!

Get Your Legs Ready
So many people get leg cramps because of two things: the wrong equipment and no warm up. You need both! Take your time and take that first run (an easy one) to loosen up. At any level of skiing you can take a first run making a variety of turn shapes, long and big arcs or quick and short. This will get you balanced and more ready to ski your best. A little speed and positive attitude are very handy tools too!

Take Pictures:
Let the beauty of the mountains consume you and remember to snap some pics to remember the trip by!

What are some of your favorite tips for a ski/board trip?
Where is your favorite place to ski/board?

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  1. Tip on packing your goggles - use an old knee sock. It won't rub the glasses and keeps it tight from travel.

    I'm not going skiing this year, or to the mountains at all due to schedules, but my dad & sister are going to go to Banff in February for their first time. They are super excited! I want to get back to Copper!!


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