January 31, 2017

Tuesday Topics: Six Blog Posts

Another Tuesday Topics and this post, I must admit, has been my favorite to put together. I started blogging in 2012. Thus far this blog has mainly been my outlet to look back on memories of my life after marrying my man. I have also tried to make it into a guide for the every girl. The every girl may not be the perfect fashionista, perfect chef, perfect wife, etc...but there are a lot of us every girls out there. I have wanted to be a reliable source for the every girl to go to.

So for this post, I was looking into and kind of updating some of my old posts, during which time I came across some older posts that I had forgotten about! Some are hilarious, some are sentimental, and some are just fun and are posts that I felt needed a comeback.

Others hopefully will stay hidden. Some of these posts were not that long ago and as I look at them, I wonder how weird I am and then just kind of ask myself...what the hell was going on here?!

So I am going to post my six favorite posts that you fellow every girls should read. But there will definitely be a volume two of past blog posts that are just weird embarrassing, lighthearted, entertaining reads.

I love flowers, but I cannot afford to get beautiful flowers all the time. Enter grocery store flowers and tips to make them last. I can't keep indoor or outdoor plants alive, but I can keep grocery store flowers sustained for weeks!

If you bloggers want a somewhat serious read, here is an affirmation that it is okay to have a post without pictures and to not worry about your blog all the time. It is okay to stay present in your life ahead of the need to blog.

Let's face it, being fiscally responsible is always something that is very important when you are #adulting. So here are things you should ten items I splurge on. Another post with ten items I save on and a post that gives you an idea of things to buy used versus new. (okay so I included three posts, but humor me).

I think a lot of us had to find our way in the world and learn some things, but one of the things that I was taught by my mother was to be respectful and a great guest when entering someone else's home. Here is a post of good things to remember when you are invited to dinner.

As a nurse, I work long hours full of emotional and physical demands. I have to keep my energy up. Here is a post on how to stay naturally energized all day.

Finally, being self taught in the kitchen, I truly believe that there are pros to having some dishes that you can make for others. I have never seen anyone look down on the ability to cook or bake! I love showing my love to people through food. You don't have to be able to cook or bake the fanciest meals or have a large repertoire, but I think anyone can learn some basics. Here are some baking basics that can help you if you find yourself in the kitchen.

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