February 3, 2017

A Day In Lahaina Maui

My husband and I were lucky enough to spend a beautiful week on the island of Maui in Hawaii celebrating a family reunion. We celebrated my husband's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary as well as grandma's 80th birthday. We were in a fantastic rental in Lahaina. We explored a great amount of Hawaii, but whether you are staying in Lahaina, I would recommend at least coming and exploring a day here. It is great!

Go to a Luau
Old Lahaina Luau is a popular and authentic luau. We went and had a really great time!

Explore Front Street
Everyone seems to wear a smile here. It is contagious. Explore the historic Front Street. It is not that long of a walk and has beautiful shops ending with a park you should spend most of your time.

See the Banyan Tree and Courthouse
Lahaina Banyan Court is a beautiful park with one of the largest Banyan trees in the United States. It stands 60 feet tall and takes up an entire city block.

If you want to explore some of the history of Lahaina. the courthouse is right there. Lahaina was once the capital of Hawaiian Kingdom. It is a lot of really neat history!

See Nature
The Hyatt Regency Maui has a bird aviary with tours (only if there is not a lot of wind or weather) and some amazing views. I recommend a walk in so you can snap some pictures.

But my favorite thing in Lahaina was to go on a little coastal hike/walk.

Eat and Beach
My favorite restaurant in Lahaina is expensive but delicious. Try the fish and chocolate souffle at Roy's and you will not be disappointed!

Last but not least, there are great beaches. My favorite beach was at Mile Marker 13. It had some really great snorkeling.

So when are you going to Lahaina?


  1. Apparently everyone is going to this island - I saw another blogger post about it and a friend of mine is currently on it with family. I'd like to go to Hawaii...one day, someday!

  2. What an awesome location for a birthday/anniversary party! The pictures look so gorgeous! Maui is definitely on my list to visit one day.

  3. How fun! I can only imagine how wonderful the island was ♥ We haven't been to Maui, but we have been to Kauai and absolutely fell in love with the island. Such a gorgeous place!


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