February 7, 2017

Tuesday Topics: Five Strengths

Another Tuesday and more topics coming your way! Five Strengths. I think that is important to own your gifts and strengths. This is not arrogance, but rather the big picture of working and truly delivering in life. So here are five things you can do for your best life. 

Own and utilize your strengths this is how you understand your best approach. Take ownership of your strengths and cultivate them. Our personal growth is never done. Invest in your own skill set and strength.

Be self aware in knowing what your strengths are to ensure you are doing what is most meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable in life. Everyone has their own stories and experiences that have shaped who we are and how we will show up in the future.

Take ownership. Sure, can be challenging, but it causes us to dig really deep at times. Nothing magical ever happens on autopilot. You have to be fully present. It will make you better.

Look at what makes it unique and important. You are not the only one living life, chasing your dreams, so therefore, you can't get caught up in the small stuff. It is so easy to see someone doing what you are doing and fearing that you are not good enough. My encouragement to you is to remember your strengths, dig deep, and remember that big picture.

The ability to recenter and rediscover the work that you are doing is something that can provide you longevity. It can be all to easy to get stressed out.
Go out and do life! You are strong!
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