February 14, 2017

Tuesday Topics: Four Ways I Show Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone is having a love filled day. I love anyway to celebrate something as beautiful as love and Valentine's Day is a celebration of just that. I am here at work today but it is Tuesday and I wanted to share four ways that I show love!
One of the biggest ways I show my love is through food. I learned from my dad. He shows so much love through food. I love making a thought out meal (no matter how big or small) for someone.

I show my love through respect. My husband and I have slightly different views on faith, money, how many kids we want, and even style and fashion. And that is okay, as long as we respect each other and our views.

I blog about love! To my husband: I love listing reasons I love my husband. ways I show love my husband, and how simple love can be. I also love myself. my girlfriends. family, being a nursefootball, travelling, and skiing.

I gifting to show my love. I know that love is not all about material goods or money, but gifting is a great way to pick something for an individual--not because they expect it, but because you want them to have that. I loved giving my husband his paper gift for our one year anniversary.

What are some of your favorite ways to show love?
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  1. Hello Lauren. Today I will show love by surprising my boyfriend and coking a cake that he usually likes and just spend time with him. I am always busy with the website but not today. One of the ways I show my daily love to him is by paying attention to his needs and make sure he knows he is loved everyday. Happy Valentines Day:)

  2. Totally forgot to link up but I did write! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day :)


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