February 21, 2017

Tuesday Topics: Three Things Going On In My Life

It is almost the end of February! Time flies when you are having fun! Lately I feel as if my planner has been my best friend. Life has been hectic, but full and fun. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Three things going on in my life? Just three...

Enjoying Winter in the Southwest
As much as I am usually always counting down to our next trip or planning something fun to do with my days off, I also love just being at home. Sometimes nothing makes me happier than the peace and quiet that only home can bring. We have just been enjoying the beautiful weather in the Southwest. This time of year is the reason people live here. I mean temps in the 70s? How can I beat it?!
I mean I splurge on calories and carbs far more than I care to admit, but I have been upping my game in the gym and getting that sweat look on. I have been taking boot camp conditioning classes at my gym and it is kicking my butt and keeping me accountable by having a time and a class to go to.

I am a lover of skiing in the spring! We took a trip to Salt Lake City and enjoyed some fun skiing and company. Having friends and family there makes Salt Lake City an enjoyable place to visit. One day, I would like to explore other parts of the state as well.

What have you been up to lately?
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  1. you need to see northwest utah in the early summer. may/june. go to ogden and huntsville. drive through the canyon. go over mount green. it's SO, SO pretty. GORGEOUS country.


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