March 27, 2017

Desert Living

Spring officially springs on the calendar on March 20th. In Tucson, the meteorological winter (I didn't even know that was such a thing) ended on March 1st. It was the 4th hottest winter on record. So I wanted to end the winter season with my favorite...time outside.

I love hiking. I found a new love for it recovering from my ACL repair. I recently tried a new trailhead. Pima Canyon Trailhead. It was lovely! Probably now my most favorite trail here in Tucson. 

Going from desert to not feeling like you are in the desert is just so amazing! I mean look how green and beautiful this hike is...there is even water!

I took a million more pictures, but I will stop. Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Tucson, I highly recommend this hike! I would rate it at moderate. It is a down and back trail. Six miles in, six out. We went halfway in and then back out. I will absolutely try the whole hike in the future!

So while everyone else is happy to see Spring come and winter end, I sadly say goodbye to winter. I will spend all the time outside I can before it is too hot!

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

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  1. You should move to Missouri - its still winter here, we are in winter coats and the high today is 50.


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