March 15, 2017

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict. So delicious and kind of a treat! If I am ordering out for breakfast, eggs benedict is what I order. Usually people only order them in restaurants and never make them at home. Challenge accepted. I made these for my family once celebrating some birthdays. My mom remarked that this was an impressive thing to know how to make and to make well. "Great for special occasions" she said...

Mom signature of approval? Plus her saying this is my signature dish? Cue the heart eyes emoji! But the trick to this recipe is that it is not homemade.

Let me explain. I have tried making my own hollandaise sauce so many times (I think I did so many experiments that my husband was sick of me...) I have even tried mock style sauces and they just aren't as good as using the powder.

Yep, you heard me. So grab a pack of hollandaise sauce mix and prepare to have a very amazing and easy breakfast! One that you can make on the special occasion breakfasts, but is also easy enough for a weekend breakfast.

This recipe makes six servings. You can do down to four with the amount of sauce you have from a packet. If you want to make less than four servings, you will have some sauce left over.


1 package of English muffins
1 Hollandaise Sauce Mix Packet (plus ingredients according to packet, usually butter and cold water)
1 packet of Canadian bacon or ham
12 eggs
optional: asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, avocados, or whatever other toppings you want with your Benedict.


Half English muffins and lightly toast. Place two halves on each plate.

Make Hollandaise sauce according to package instructions. Lightly fry Canadian Bacon/Ham (I have also used just straight cooked American Bacon and it was good too!)

Put meat on top of each half of English muffins.

Each half of English muffin will then need a poached egg* (see below my shortcut for a poached egg.)

Then apply any optional toppings** (see below for some of my favorite Egg Benedict combinations.

Then drizzle in sauce and sprinkle with some paprika. Enjoy!

*Lauren's trick to "poach" an egg.
Poaching eggs are hard, so I have a trick way that gets you a perfect egg with ease! Heat a medium sized frying pan. Crack two eggs sunny side up into pan. With the lid of the pan, take a little bit of water (about a tablespoon) and pour into the pan. Cover with lid leaving a small crack for steam to escape. Add water as needed to create steam. You do not want the eggs drowning in water, just enough water to create steam. You will notice the egg yolk turning pink. Take out of pan when slightly pink as it should be ready.

** Egg Benedict Combinations:
Classic: English muffin, Canadian bacon/ham, and poached egg with sauce.
Traditional: English muffin, Canadian bacon/ham, poached egg, and spinach with sauce.
Country: English muffin, Canadian bacon/ham, poached egg, and asparagus with sauce.
Californian: English muffin, Canadian bacon/ham, poached egg, sliced tomato, and diced avocado with sauce.
Sonoran: English muffin, Canadian bacon/ham, poached egg, avocado, and sauce with a little hot sauce added.
New Mexican: English muffin, American bacon, poached egg, and sliced green chili with sauce.
Burger Benedict: English muffin, hamburger, Monterrey jack cheese, spinach, tomato, poached egg, and sauce.

What is your favorite "fancy" breakfast?

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