March 3, 2017

Ten Things To Do In Maui

Maui. It starts with an M, just like magic. You can find everything here on this island. I truly had a fun time when I was there. I based in Lahaina so I have a post about what to do there, but there is whole island to explore in Maui!

Here are ten spots that are truly magical in Maui Hawaii. Note, this does exclude Haleakala because I was not sure with the weather and the crowds, if it would be worth it. I may be a party pooper, but it is my party! Haha!
one. Bamboo Forest
I couldn't get good pictures here because of the time of the day, but make sure you make the time to do this hike. There is a hike you take to get into the bamboo forest, but trust me, it is worth it!

two. Feed The Eels
If you find some tide pools, grab some raw chicken and throw it in and wait. You will meet some pretty cool new friends.

three. The Road to Hana
I mean, bucket list item right here! Drive safely and counterclockwise! We did stop at the Huelo Lookout (MM 4.5) and quite honestly I would skip it if I did it again, but I would stop again and recommend you stop at Wailua Falls (MM 45) There were so many other places I wanted to stop hike, but going with a big group, people wanted to do a lot of different things. We ate at a stop called Bruddah Huts BBQ (in Hana as you are heading towards Kipahulu) and it is sure tasty!!

four. Banyan Trees
They are found all over the island and are truly spectacular!

five. Seven Sacred Pools
So I think this place in it's prime was probably pretty amazing. Now it is kind of run down with people, but I wouldn't miss this as a quick stop.

six. Nakalele Blowhole
Great ocean views and fun wonder of nature to see!

seven. Maui Winery
I love wine, and the history and grounds of the one winery on Maui were spectacular to experience. Their specialty is pineapple wine which was not as bad as others had said. I recommend doing a tour because the rich history (the tasting room dates back to the 1870s) gives you goosebumps. One con is that I feel the more people they had, the less attention and smaller the pours you got.

eight. Black Rock Beach
Quick Tip Alert! When you get here, walk down and look to the right for a cave. Upon first glance it looks like there is not a lot of room to explore, but it truly does open up into a spectacular cave.

nine. Waihee Ridge Trail
This was such a neat hike. We came early and were sure to grab some walking sticks. Be sure you do because some of the mud can make the hike a little slippery! But once you get going, the views are incredible. You are so high up that you feel closer to the people viewing the island in their helicopters than to the people down at the beach!

ten. The View From Anywhere
Just sit back and take it in! Here are some of my pictures I took just hanging out and enjoying the Maui lifestyle.

Maui has my heart and I would love to go back!
What is your favorite thing to do in Maui?


  1. lauren, this looks like a wonderful vacation, and i'm so glad yall got to go there and see the land for yourselves! lovely photos.

  2. This looks amazing!!! If we go back to Hawaii, I'd love to go to Maui!


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