March 10, 2017

What to Bring in Your Carry-on for a Long Distance Flight

So the other day I was on a flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. There was a woman with a HUGE carry-on that she wanted under her seat to have access to. This is a flight that has a total flight time on 1.5 could you need that much stuff?  I guess we will have to add her to the list of bad airline passengers. Bring Everything Brianne? Seriously, I feel like even when I need things I can compact them! Previously I have listed nine travel essentials and trust me, they don't take up a lot of space. Now that I have taken many longer flights, I wanted to share what I have learned is worth packing for those.

Half of long flights are overnight so the lights are off half of the flight. The key to jet lag is to try to get on the time of where you are as fast as you can. So no matter how tired you are on the first day, you should try to get on the local time, and if you can start while on the flight (by sleeping or staying awake) that’s even better. Personally I found that my jet lag is much worse on the way home, versus when I get somewhere.

Even though sleeping and watching movies I haven’t seen yet are my favorite things to do on long flights, I still bring a little entertainment with me, but it is the other items that are really important.

So here are nine items to bring in your carry-on for a long flight in addition to my nine travel essentials:

one. A Neck Pillow: Sure they may give you a pillow, but it is not supportive enough. Don't wake up with a crick in your neck hampering your plans, it is just not worth it!

two. Socks: Some people may think I am crazy, but I love bringing my warm cashmere pair with me to keep me comfortable while sleeping in planes...sometimes it can get cold, and you don't want that! 

three. Headphones: This one should actually be on my list of nine and my camera can move to the other luggage. You never need your camera on the plane, but you absolutely need your headphones!

four: Sanitizing Wipes: So many people, so many germs. Wipe down your surfaces, you don't have time to get sick.

five. Medication: Some multivitamins, prescriptions (try and stay on your schedule), something for a headache, may need something!

six. More Snacks: Plane food just may not do it for you. Doesn't hurt to have some extra snacks on hand. I love a combo of almonds and semi sweet chocolate chips!

seven. Hand Cream: Like I said, those flights can be drying, so having a little lotion can do some wonders 

eight. Jewelry: I don't often check any jewelry that I would not be okay with losing. I keep it with me.

nine. A Couple of Essential Beauty Items: This is especially important if you are checking your main bag to your destination. You might want to consider bringing a change of clothing and your beauty items in your carry-on (or just adding another small bag with these emergency essentials in case your bag doesn’t make it).

What do you bring in your carry-on for long flights?

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  1. Magazines/books, noise reducing headphones ;)


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