June 16, 2017

24 Hours in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland. This may be one of the world's cleanliest and greatest walking cities. Yep. In spending less than 24 hours there, I have come to that conclusion. Also people seem to take pride in their appearance and everyone was very well dressed. I loved being able to people watch while I was there. What I thought would be a modest layover in Zurich turned into an amazing exploration.

The Zurich airport is easily accessible from the city. The train is the best and most economical way to travel there. Oh and the trains...if it says it is departing at 0902, then it is departing at 0902. They are never late...

I just completed my own self guided walking tour of Zurich and would love to share it with you. It is truly a beautiful city bustling with character with a mixture of new and old architecture.

First off, we were hungry and holy price points we were shocked! So we were pleasantly happy to find Burgermeister which was so delicious and so on price point.

As for where we stayed, we started my tour at my hub. My husband treated me to a fancy night at the Park Hyatt. It was beautiful!

We strolled down Bhanhofstasse. It is known as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Fun just to say you did it.

We headed to Zurich Altstadt. It is a historic part of town that has a beautifully older architectural feel. Here are a couple of churches that we enjoyed visiting.

Saint Peter's Church: This church had the feel of a local church and had the coolest time steeple. Also it had the world's largest holly bush outside of it. Okay....so that may need to be fact checked, but it was really cool! As for the real facts, it was the first protestant religious construction after the reformation in the 1500s.

Fraumunster: Another amazing church. We got to hear a practice session of a performance of orchestra and singers. It was beautiful. This church was known as the "women's church" because it was built in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter Hildegarde to have a place to worship.

Grossmunster Church: This church dates back to the 1220. Legend has it that Charlemagne's horse fell to its knees here so that is where he commissioned a church. You can pay to climb the towers, but we found serenity and amazement just touring the church itself.

Lindenhof was next on the walking tour. It is a green space where you find people playing chess (on on life sized boards), lovers sitting on the grass together, people enjoying the beauty around them on benches, and admirers taking pictures over the bank of the Limmat River. It is beautiful.

When not everything is planned and you just go with the flow, that is when you can find some pretty amazing things. We found Zurich University's (Universitat Zurich) Alter Botanical Gardens (Botanischer Garten). You can walk through for free and I highly recommend it. It was beautiful!

Two things we didn't visit while we were there that I wish we could have: Lake Zurich, which I am sure would have been beautiful and Uetilberg which is supposed to be a really great lookout over the city with a lot of great hiking from said point.

Lauren's Zurich Travel Tips:
So I knew Zurich was going to be expensive. All of the taxis were black Mercedes! When I got there, I turned out to be absolutely right. Knowing that I wanted to keep costs down, I used credit card points to book a splurgy night at the Park Hyatt. It was AMAZING. Top customer service, beautiful aesthetic, and great location. I would recommend it if you can splurge for it. I always recommend looking at credit card bonuses to help plan your stays economically.

My favorite restaurant of the trip (reminder I am trying to stay budget friendly) was a place called Burgermeister. Huge, delicious burgers for 12-14 euros. A very lovely place to eat. Not the most authentic of "Swiss food", but if you get the opportunity--you should go.

Walk! It is a beautiful city! Save money by walking and exploring. If you need a ride,the public transit is really easy, cheap, clean, and timely.
beautiful shot coming into Zurich from the train.

Zurich was my first sweet taste of Switzerland. 
I really hope one day to be back!

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  1. So many stunning photos! I love visiting places that are walkable, so this sounds like a dream!


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