June 5, 2017

The Story of The Missing Wallet in Rome Italy

I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon lately. Here I am thinking about all the thoughts on my mind and all the travel I have done, but I just can’t find the time to sit down and blog them. So, here I am at trying to sort through hundreds of pictures on my camera that have not been organized in over 8 months. Yeah, remember I said I was going to go to Italy?! I sure did and it was so fun! I thought since I have waited this long already to share about my trip, I thought I should share my thoughts and info about all the delicious food, drinks, and gorgeous days. Enjoy, but beware, there is a TON. Talk about a photo and word dump.

So why Italy? I believe this would be the perfect country to go to (and it was). Italy is art, it has amazing cuisine, and it is easy to get around. We started our trip in Rome. Anyone who has been to Rome will most likely agree with me that you need 2-3 days. Rome has so much to see. Therefore, Rome will need to be broken up into...who knows how many blog posts!

Our hotel was great. The room was spacious, clean, it was a good location, and the breakfast was AMAZING.

But let me tell you the story of the beginning of our beautiful Italian vacation.

After a 6 hour layover in Chicago that turned into 7 hours because of a bad windshield wiper on the plane, we arrived in Rome. With carry-on baggage only (we condensed, we didn't want to lug bags all over Italy!) we went right past the baggage claim and to the train station (no customs forms in Italy!). We got our tickets and took the quick and easy 30 minute ride to Rome center. We bought our transit passes and hopped on the bus to take us right to our hotel. We could have walked, but it was quicker. We got off the bus and we immediately realized something was wrong. My husband didn't have my wallet. After some expletives I shouldn't write here, we tried to take the process one step at a time. We had read all about protecting money in Italy and even had purchased a money belt. Were we using it yet? Nope. We were going to set that up when we checked into the hotel. Did we split up credit cards, debit cards, and cash? Nope. We were going to do that in the hotel!

Our hotel by the way, was great. The room was spacious, clean, it was a good location, and the continental breakfast was the best I ever had. Put any American breakfast to shame!

To recap, so now we are in Rome on the first day of our vacation with absolutely no money. What do we do? First we visited the friendly neighborhood police station. We filed the paperwork and left with the feeling that the policewomen thought "Stupid Americans, no way you're getting that back." So we then canceled most of our cards and contacted Chase (#notsponsored). They over-nighted us a card and wired us $100 that we could pickup from the Western Union right down the street to tide us over. Whew, now at least we don't have to starve. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card comes through big! (maybe they'll give me a bonus for plugging them here!!)
After all that, we did get some sightseeing in. Stopped by the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Both very neat being Rome must-dos. We stopped for some pizza and wine (I forget where!) before heading back to the hotel. By this time, the lack of sleep and the excitement over the last 48 hours caught up to us and we were exhausted. I slept really well.

We woke up and walked to Villa Borghese (The Central Park of Rome) which was right near our hotel and were wandering through its serenity when we got a phone call from the Rome police! The only thing we understood from the 10 minute conversation was that they found our wallet. We went back to our friendly neighborhood police station and the officer there called the number that had called me. He gave us the address to that police station and we took off. There he was with our wallet in a folder with our documentation! Amazing. Not a credit, debit, or ID card missing. Not even the cash was missing! We were so happy at the honesty people must have had finding it and were just so joyful. Big thanks to the Good Samaritan who turned that in!

So all and all, the most relieved and luckiest I have been. Plus I am pretty sure I lost five pounds just running around Rome that day. Then all our money was separated and we learned our lesson and had an AMAZING trip after that.

Sorry for the longest post ever.
Bottom line, go to Rome, don't drop your wallet!
Ultimate Rome update to come!

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  1. That's one of my biggest fears, losing a wallet on a trip. If it were my wallet to get lost, hubby would be eh whatever...but if it were his wallet to get lost, it be my fault, why did we come to this place, yadda yadda yadda! ;) So glad you got it all figured out!


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