June 12, 2017

Top Eight Road to Hana Tips

I wrote here about 10 things you cannot miss on your trip to Maui. I would like to elaborate on the Road to Hana as there are some research type things you should probably do before this experience. I'll mention below some of the mistakes I made by not researching fully so that you can learn from me and have the best trip possible.

Know where to stop. A big challenge is deciding which of the countless stops you'll have time for along the route. Some that we stopped at were not worth the stop. I mean this comparatively of course because everything is beautiful. My biggest tip is taking the most time for hiking to the Bamboo Forest. It is something spectacular! Other good stops: Upper Waikani Falls and Wainapanapa Beach. I did not stop at Venus Pools (didn't do my research in time to know about this place) but have heard it is good. May be better than Seven Sacred Pools which I thought were only alright.

Start early. Seriously. And set a whole day aside for this trip. There is more traffic the longer you wait and to fit in all of your stops and take the trip at your pace, you really need to be out early. This is an all day trip.

Know you will not see it all. This goes with the first two. Plan well because seeing it all is not possible, there is so much. No matter how early you get up and how late you stay. Just enjoy what you can!

Pack snacks. You may not get to your intended food stand or truck in time. Some of them have some limited hours. Just pack your own snacks and take the food as you want it, as it comes, as it is available.

Ensure enough room in the car. Yeah I tried packing a car full of people since so many people wanted to see the road. But let me tell you, sitting in a cramped back middle seat for this trip is not fun. Be selfish and think of yourself.

Drive safe. You will here a lot of people say how dangerous it is. Sure there are some scary areas, but most of it is pretty decent. Just drive safe, don't speed, and I recommend driving the road counter clockwise.

Fill up the tank. There are no gas stations between Paia (the town just before the Road to Hana officially begins) and Hana town, so fill up!

Respect Kapu and the honor system. Some guide books will tell you about great spots. Problem is that some are on private land. If anything says private property, do not go there. Respect Kapu, which translates to forbidden/keep out. Also many of the stands along the way are based on the honor system. Honor it.

Enjoy your trip!

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  1. I would love to visit Hawaii someday! It sounds so, so gorgeous, and I just love these tips for travel!


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