June 19, 2017

Visiting Pompeii

Leaving Rome, we took the high speed train to Naples and transferred to an old rickety train (called Circumvesuviana) that let us off at Pompeii. We spent a few hours marveling at the ancient ruins, imagining what it was like to live here 2000 years ago!
Here is what you need to know, admission is €11 for the day pass. We spent about three hours touring. I think that is all you need. We had previously downloaded Rick Steves guide through Pompeii and listened to his tour as we walked through. I felt like using the Rick Steves guide we got all the information we needed and hit the most important elements. Oh and grab a map. This is a no skip option because it is rather easy to get turned around here. 

Also good to note is that there is a storage room for bags or whatever you don't want to lug around Pompeii. We were travelling through so we had all our suitcases and they fit in the bulk storage! Heck yeah! Use the ones right at the entrance before the ticket office. People are hawking right off of the train to store your bags, for tours, for tickets, just keep walking! Trust me on this!

Last bit of major advice is to bring water. There is a good amount of sun and we spent a good chunk of time here. We each had water on our backs. I highly recommend lots of water and good shoes (a lot of uneven footing areas!).

Although we did not visit Vesuvius, we enjoyed the views of it from Pompeii.
Alright, photo dump time!

The streets were amazing. There were stepping stones to cross the road and they also told you how big or small the street was. This was a huge street. Also good to point out is that when you enter Pompeii, there are tons of people. Explore further in and the people seem to become less and less.
Ancient home building sites.

Vesuvius hanging out!

From here we took our rickety Circumvesuviana to Sorrento Italy!
Stay tuned for a guide on that!

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