July 10, 2017

Guide To Hiking The Cinque Terre (In One Day!)

If I can encourage you to do anything in Italy, it would be to hike Cinque Terre.

We were very excited to hike because it was rewarding to see Italy in that way and we got to burn off some calories from some of those decadent meals. My husband and I consider ourselves to be at a medium level of fitness. For what it is worth...

Vineyards and olive trees line the terraces as you pass by other hikers. The higher and harder trails are not for the weak, but have less people and you are rewarded with stellar views. When you get to the trails in the National Park, a day pass is required and you can buy it at the trail head.

And here is a well rested picture of us as we head onto the first trail!

Riomaggiore to Manarola | Difficulty: Moderate | Length: 1 mile
We started our hike in Riomaggiore one day in October. The weather was all sorts of everything that day. Rainy and cool, to overcast and fair, to sunny and hot. Guess it couldn't make up it's mind and that is why layers hiking are my best friend!

Floods in 2011 were destructive to the region. Some sections of the main coastal trail are still closed. The Lover's Lane (Via dell'Amore) was a popular coastal trail from Riomaggiore to Manarola. It is one that has been closed since the floods. So we started our hike out on path 531. It climbs sharply. Like over 600 feet sharp in only 0.83 miles long. But after this steep uphill, we were rewarded with outstanding views.
Looking forward from Riomaggiore after an initial steep incline.

506 Manarola to Volastra | Difficulty: Moderate | Length: 2 miles
Volastra is a beautiful little surprise in the Cinque Terre region. A true example of people living off the land. The nice thing about Volastra is that you don't have to walk down into the town, it is right off the trail. There are not many flat stretches in Cinque Terre but Volastra is one of the few.
Looking to Volastra
Passed through Volastra in the rain.

586 to 587 Volastra to Corniglia | Difficulty: Easy | Length: 2.8 miles
586 will merge with 587 to lead you down to Corniglia. This stretch of hike is absolutely beautiful. You keep going through all the vineyards. It is amazing the systems they have put in place to bring up and down grapes/supplies.
This is how they send down their grapes. Pretty much the only machine done job. Truly so much hard work goes into the making of the Cinque Terre wine (which of course we had and was excellent! Great white!)

Blue Path Corniglia to Vernazza  | Difficulty: Easy | Length: 2 miles
This is where you pay to hike (you need a parco pass), but oh is it worth it! You start to see forestry and glades that just provides a sharp contrast to the coastal views. It is truly spectacular!  I highly recommend going down into all of the cities, but Corniglia for sure! It is a cute little town. Read all about my info on the five Cinque Terre cities here!
Not the best pic, but you can see how forest-y (I make up words) it got. And a bit rainy as well!
Looking to Vernazza

Blue Path Vernazza to Monterosso | Difficulty: Easy | Length: 2 miles
If you were going from Monterosso to Vernazza I would up the difficulty to moderate. The path does get steep as you come into Monterosso. There are considerably more people on this part of the trail than any other. Many people hike out and back from Monterosso.
Vernazza in the background.
Loved seeing all the bougainvillea among the path!
Be careful not to trip seeing beauty in front, behind you, and to the side of you!

Total hike through all the five cities: 9.8 miles. Of pure amazingness.
It takes you all day because you cannot stop taking pictures. Don't rush, it was one of my favorite experiences in all of Italy.

I'm already dreaming of going back...


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