July 7, 2017

How To Travel While Working Full Time

If you are like me, you have a fair few places you would like to vacation to. As much as I would love to travel, I have a full time job and limited vacation days. I also have a husband to travel with who works a different full time job and different vacation days. We also have a life--full of family, friends, budgets, etc... How can we maximize our travel with schedules like this?
For a while we didn't travel. We prioritized. We got married, we got a home, and now that we are travelling, we had to optimize and learn how to plan. A plan for planning...so to speak. We plan our annual trips in three categories into what we can do annually over some wine. This is both to see new stuff and to see family. This helps us plan schedules and days.

I divided my travel into three categories: weekend trips, week long trips and over one week trips.

Here are a few examples:
Weekend trips: Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Napa, Sedona
Week long trips: Canada, Colorado, Utah
Longer trips: England

So simply put, the beginning of my plans is underway! With this, the more intensive travel planning then begins. Stay tuned for all the details on my trips!

How do you decide when and where to travel?


  1. We are the same way, having to plan on two different schedules. Right now its all based off hubby as I'm in between jobs. But that could be a totally different story once I get a better FT job.

    Where you headed in Colorado? I got lots of suggestions!

  2. My husband and I are very similar! I just started at a new job a few months ago and taking time off is very limited at the moment. Recently we flew across the country to visit family, but that was planned about six months in advance!


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