August 21, 2017

A Day In The Life of a Charge Nurse

I realized my blog and Instagram make it seem like I am out adventuring and cooking all the time. But most of the time, a typical day for me is just all work and pretty boring. But I will go ahead and share what a typical work day as a Charge Nurse. My official title is Clinical Nurse Lead. Basically, I am just in charge of making sure my entire unit staff runs their shift smoothly. As always, some details are changed. And military time is part of my day so there it is!

0510: I have to get up. I shouldn't have stayed up till 2230 last night, but I did. Thankfully I prepared my breakfast, snacks, and lunch for grab and go last night.
0528: I really take no time to get ready in the morning. I just kind of get up and go. I also do it in the dark since Kevin does not have to be up for a couple of hours. I am out the door with some teeth brushed. concealer and mascara on, and some peach tea in my hand. Oh there is also that whole bit of getting dressed, throwing my hair in a pony tail, and putting as much deodorant on as I can.

0615: Arrive to work. Thankfully the traffic isn't bad this time of morning.

0630: Get report from the night shift charge nurse. I'll look over her info and put finishing touches on the daily schedule.

0700: Give a quick huddle report to my day shift staff.

0701: Do audits of staff reports, rooms, and answer night shift questions about random things (mainly schedules).
0800: Go to a morning hospital wide meeting.

0820: Chug some water, since I may not stop again to do so for a while. Eat a handful of almonds. Maybe a quick egg muffin too!

0900: Work, work, work, work, work. Day to day, everything is completely different. Usually I first speak with my unit's Case Manager and discuss all potential discharge patients and their needs for the day. Then for the rest of the time I am rounding on patients, putting out fires if a patient is unhappy, helping staff administer medications, admit patients, discharge patients, assess patients, and whatever they need me to do. 
1200: Meeting with the doctors on the unit with the Case Manager and try and ensure we have a cohesive plan of care in place

1300: Sit up at the front desk for the Unit Associate so she can take a lunch break. Enjoy a few more sips of water and handfuls of almonds.
1330: Thankfully the Unit Associate is back because there are 4 different things that need my attention right now. There is a patient needing IV pain medication and none of the nurses can get an IV started. There is another patient who wants to see whomever is in charge "right now!" There is a patient who came back from a cardiac cath procedure (a procedure to open up the coronary arteries after having a heart attack) and is having some bleeding complications. Continue to work, work, work. Everyday is completely different.

1500: Another hospital wide meeting. 

1530: Inhale my lunch, there are still people and things that need my attention. I usually do try and do lunch at 1130, but it often doesn't happen. So here I am, eating lunch late. Today it is chicken deli meat wrapped around some mayo and a pickle.

1700: Start working on my report sheet for the oncoming shift, start auditing staff charting, and creating the assignment sheet for the night shift staff.

1830: Report to the night shift nurse.

1900: Give a quick huddle report to my oncoming night shift staff.

1930: Drive home.

2015-2200: Get home, eat while watching a TV episode with Kevin. Thankfully he has dinner ready for me! Then shower, prep my uniform for the next day, get into bed, go through my Instagram and Snapchat, and fall asleep while watching the news.

So like I said, not that interesting.
But it is my life!


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