August 14, 2017

Five Fun Summer Camping Essentials

My dad's birthday is tomorrow. I wish I could be there to give him a big hug. He really is a great, great father. He taught me a lot and in honor of him, I thought I would pass on some of his wisdom.
Recently got into camping again after a ten year hiatus. My earliest memories of camping were with my dad. Camping, hunting, and fishing are his wheelhouse.

If you are thinking about getting back into camping or are just trying to figure out what to pack, here are my Five Fun Summer Camping Essentials that I plan to bring along on all my trips. Of course this omits a lot of stuff. Camping is an exercise in bringing a ton of stuff and there are quite a few basics not listed here.
Cooler Full of Prepped Healthy Meals + Snacks

My days of living off canned food and hot dogs while camping are no more! I bring meal prepping on the road with me and I like to have big cooler packed full of ready-to-cook meals. I do all the chopping in advance, so I am not doing at the campground.

Think fruit salad, veggies, hummus, nuts, beef jerky, dried fruit, trail mix, homemade breakfast burritos. Whatever! Your diet doesn’t have to take a vacation just because you do. Get creative! But totally dump your diet for Smores. A camping trip is not a camping trip without Smores.

First Aid Kit

Band aids, tegaderm, quick clot, ace wrap, ibuprofen, pepto, bug spray, sunscreen, aloe, and baby wipes among a couple of other things make sure that I am good to go in case camping takes a turn for the worst. Why baby wipes? Who doesn't love staying fresh with a baby wipe wipe down?!

The Basics

I am not about the life of trying to start fires in any other way except the easiest way possible, so I like a bit of lighter fluid! A saw also helps so that you can get the wood you need. Don't forget your other basics such as a table, folding chairs, flashlights, batteries, mallet, water, MORE water, iodine tablets in case you need more water, and a hand washing jug.

A Good Sleeping Bag

I am a fair weather camper. Nevertheless, I have a mummy bag because a good quality sleeping bag is worth it to me!


I love to have a couple of board games on hand. Phase 10, Catan, 7 Wonders Dual (if there is two of you), and some old fashioned playing cards are always fun games to bring!

What do you always have to have when you go camping?


  1. Love camping!

    Always have dry firewood and smores!

  2. May I suggest also a Leatherman or other multi-tool? Mine has been with me on international trips, callouts and a bunch more besides and always seems to get used!
    Can I put in a plug for a post from a year ago - What's in the your kit bag?


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