September 22, 2017

10 Recipes For Non-Cooks

When I first got married (and started this blog), I found myself as a new stay at home wife with a husband to feed. That meant I had to learn to cook. I remember having our first guests as I was learning and I was struck with a fear...what do I cook?!?

Here is a list of easy, but impressive recipes for someone to make who doesn't cook.
It is plain and simple and pleasing. Who doesn't love some good comfort food?

I think everyone should know how to make a good pasta dish.. Stuffed Shells are very popular and very easy! Lasagna is a good one too!
Not all my recipes are from scratch. I love using a box mix and adding to it to make the perfect brownies! Plus dessert is life...
Speaking of dessert, a good cookie can be bought, but I have never found store bought cookies that have ever ever EVER been better than homemade. Eating cookie dough and then enjoying warm cookies straight out of the oven are magical.

Semi homemade but totally good. My husband loves Chicken Pot Pie and I have to agree. Plus there are lots of veggies in there. That makes it healthy right?!
Of the common dips (Spinach, Bean, Guacamole, Salsa, and Queso), guacamole is the hardest one to find a good store bought version. And why even look, swear you will spend more time looking at the grocery store than it would take to make some amazing guac. Although if you want to make some good salsa that is super easy and yummy too.
A classic staple in the Southwest that will impress anyone. Authenticity and amazing taste are sure to win you all the accolades when you make this.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Way easier than you think. I promise! I love hosting Thanksgiving and knowing how to make the centerpiece dish of a major holiday is a pretty cool deal! Plus no other dish makes for better leftovers!

The easiest thing to grill and easy to make different every time with what you want to top them with. Who doesn't love a good burger?! 

Lastly, I have to throw some breakfast in on this list. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. What says classic Sunday morning more than blueberry pancakes? Nada.

What is your favorite easy recipe?

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