September 29, 2017

Creating a Thoughtful Post

Consistent posting sometimes gets hard around here. There have been periods of some absence/inconsistencies of me on the blog recently. Sure I am busy, but during time where I take to create content I have lately found myself stopping. Especially in looking back at previous blog posts, I have realized I really only want to post when my post can be authentic and meaningful. I want it to be a post not just written to be written, but something that someone will connect with.

Sharing your story takes time to curate into a post to put on the internet. I don't just want to make noise just for the sake of making noise. Here are things I think about before jumping in to post that may either make me crazy or be the reason I do not post that often.
Am I sharing this for validation?
Not only when I am writing a post, but when sharing something about myself ,I always check in with myself and ask whether I am I sharing this for validation. I don't want to hold myself back from sharing my truth so that other people can be inspired or be packed with knowledge. On the other hand, sharing things for simple validation is self centered.

Do I want this out there?
Putting yourself on the internet is hard. Especially when there are other people in my life who did not sign up to put themselves out on the internet. My biggest personal rule when it comes to posting my life is that I will not share anything that I am not confident on or that can effect another's life without their permission. I did a whole post on knowing how personal to get on the blog. Just because this is my own personal boundary, it does not mean it has to be your own, but it helps me make a decision on what to post.

Am I sharing experiences or projecting my opinions?
I believe that we all are the experts in our own lives, but that is because we discover a lot of it ourselves. So when sharing content that falls under some version of an advice, I am very conscious of just sharing ideas, stories, and experiences, instead of leaning into just projecting my opinions and values onto others. Sure, I have opinions, but that is not why I created my blog.

Nobody said creating authentic content would be easy. 
But it is fun.

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