September 15, 2017

How to Build a Travel Wardrobe wardrobes! No matter whether you are going on a weekend city trip or a three week holiday: your travel wardrobe should be 100% tailored to your style, be as versatile as possible (to save you valuable suitcase space) and give you something to wear for everything you might want to do during your trip. Essentially, the perfect travel wardrobe consists of all the same qualities as a great capsule wardrobe, just on a smaller scale and for a much more defined set of activities.

By no means am I a fashionista, but I am an every girl girl who feels like my packing methods are pretty strong! I have an easy method to put together a great travel wardrobe. Best thing about this method is it works for a long weekend or a long trip. The same plan for every type of trip!
The most important part of knowing what you need to pack is your itinerary and travel plans. What will you be doing all day during your trip? Sightseeing, lounging by the pool, going out to dinner? As a first step make a list of general planned activities. Put some of these activities into categories where you wear the same types of clothes. The list of activities will create your lifestyle during your trip. To make sure your travel wardrobe is optimally tailored to that lifestyle.

Next, you need to decide how many pieces you need to pack per item category. Write down ideas of what items could fill those needs. Choose some specific outfits and depending on what areas, have some items you can re-wear and write those in.

Planning your outfits ahead of time is a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, it will help you make sure your travel wardrobe is versatile enough and works for your destination. Secondly, it will save you time. Once you have finalized your packing list, flat lay some of your sample outfits to ensure it looks good. If you already have a set travel schedule, feel free to already allocate your outfits to specific dates. But remember those categories we talked about? Having an extra outfit for some categories are needed. You always have the option to change your plans and wear something completely different, but chances are, some days you will have better things to do than think about your outfit, so it's good to have a few go-to looks prepared.

Lastly, I recommend ensuring you have the best accessories, bags, and suitcases to travel with. It gives me the true feeling and excitement of knowing that everything is packed well and makes me feel more glamorous! Amara is a really great site to find great travel accessories. No matter where you find yourself, you want to look good!
Dress (from Marshalls)  //  Necklace // Ring (from Marshalls) // Shoes // Suitcase (c/o Amara)

Now if my husband would adapt my packing strategies, I wouldn't be waiting around for him...

How to you create/adapt your wardrobe for travel?

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