September 1, 2017

The People You Will Meet on The Trail

Ah, the great outdoors! Recently, my husband and I were on a trail and encountered a ton of different types of people on trail. I previously wrote about bad airline passengers because there are so many types of people that you meet on the plane. So naturally I thought I would discuss the kinds of people you meet on the trail. Because lets face it, there are a lot of different people who show up to stroll in nature...
Sammy Speedwalker
You know that guy walking really fast but not fast enough to pass you? And then you end up stopping just so he can get passed you so that you don't have to hear him breathing down your neck. Ugh, he is the worst!

Overpacked Olivia
It is a simple two mile, well trafficked loop and she has bear bells, hiking poles, heavy hiking boots, carabiners, and a huge backpack. Why does she have all this?! 

Hippie Henry
This is a fit old dude. He seems to always be shirtless. Every person he walks by, his remark is about how beautiful a day it is. Funny guy... 

Doggie Debbie
This girl will leave her dog poo bag at the side of the trail and never seems to intend to retrieve it later. She also says "oh, well he normally listens to me" when the dog goes rogue!

Mean Mugging Mark
You pass him and say good morning and he doesn't even acknowledge you. He also is the person who doesn't understand right of way when hiking.

Boombox Brittany
Electronic music popping as loud as possible. Yay...who doesn't enjoy that when escaping out into nature.

Who else do you meet on the trail that should be on this list?

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  1. I've always encountered the kissing kouples. You know, the teenagers who go on the trails to make out without getting caught 😉 I've seen my share of them!


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