October 6, 2017

The Ultimate Guide of What to See in Rome, Italy

Well after the wallet fiasco, we were able to do Rome right!

Today we will go over everything else we did apart from Vatican City. We will save that for a separate post. After all, it is its own city! Photo dump time!

Now let's go over some amazing places we visited! We spent three days in Rome. We walked most everywhere we went. There is also a bus system if you need it.

It was designed in 118-125 AD. And to think of what we think is old in the US is in it's infancy in Europe! Looking at the Pantheon from the front in the piazza you will see 44 feet high columns. Some have slightly more pink in their color and those were replacements for a few that got plundered by popes. But otherwise it is beautifully preserved. To go in, you will see a bronze door that weighs 20 tons! Then you get to marvel at the interior which is just spectacular. (Free)

Trevi Fountain: 
There are tons of people here, but it's right across from the Pantheon so great to see. Legend has it that if you toss a coin into the fountain, you are guaranteed to return to Rome. Sweet! I just hope next time I visit I have a little less drama and excitement and some more money. (Free)

Villa Borghese: 
The Central Park of Rome was nice and close to our hotel and it made for a nice place to walk without any money. Regardless of your amount of wealth, it is a very beautiful, serene place to walk in the heart of Rome! (Free)

A must see! It is amazing to believe that it has survived almost 2,000 years! I would absolutely pay to go in, don't just look at the outside (but that is amazing too). Next to the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine. It is one of Rome's largest ancient triumphal arches. It celebrated Emperor Constantine's great victory and the battle that made Christianity the religion of Rome. I would recommend buying a Roma Pass to get you into this site and a couple others of your choosing. It will help with lines and costs! (Roma Pass)

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill: 
Many structures of the old center of Rome have crumbled to ruins, but it has a magically beautiful quality. It is built on a hill so you can see some amazing views! I could not take enough pictures while there! Unbelievable! (Roma Pass)

Musei Capitolini
We could go to another site with our Roma Pass and so this museum was just the ticket! It is a beautiful construction as most things in Rome are. I unfortunately did not get any good pictures. :-( (Roma Pass)

Castello Del Angelo
Named for angels standing on the roof. Which totally makes sense because it has the most amazing city views. We once again used our trusty Roma Pass. I would recommend this as a must see for the views. (Roma Pass)

Of course naturally you will stroll into so many piazzas. There are so many, not only in Rome, but Italy in general. So roam Rome (see what I did there?!) by wandering the many piazzas. (Free)

You should also stroll along the Tiber. The river meanders through Rome above as you can see, and it is beautiful. At a part, you can actually see the old city walls! (Free)

One thing we didn't get to was the Spanish Steps. This is one of the most popular staircases in the world. I love a good step workout, but we were unable to make it over there. (Free)

What is your favorite part of Rome?

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