October 23, 2017

Visiting The White Cliffs of Dover

I always struggle with writing my travel recap posts for two reasons. First, writing them brings back memories that make me want to turn back time and second, trying to narrow down pictures and words into a coherent and helpful post is a serious challenge.

I go back and forth on whether I should just photo dump or provide a more cohesive outline for future travelers and today the first won over. Guides are probably more helpful, but going to the White Cliffs of Dover is pretty self explanatory.

We did this as a day trip from London. We started our trip by taking a bus to Canterbury. Now something will always happen wrong when you are travelling and this was our wrong. We missed our first bus that we had already pre-payed for. So we had to repay and get to Canterbury later then anticipated. We walked around Canterbury a bit, but weren't much impressed. The cathedral which is the main draw was covered in scaffolding and with lots of construction.

So we took a train to Dover and that is where the awe set in.
We walked from the train station to the cliffs. There are tons of little paths for you to walk on. There are 2-6 inches of wear to the cliffs from wind so it is wise not to walk too close to the edge. It is white because it is composed of chalk. The black streaks are flint.
The day wasn't too clear, but on a clear day you can see France. Dover has a huge port due to its close proximity.

The world has some beautiful places and beautiful faces...made of chalk!

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