November 17, 2017

Five On Friday!

I often do Five on Friday when I have quick blurbs for you. These past couple of weeks have been some sort of busy! And I love it! This week I basically did nothing but work. It has been one of those weeks! But, without further ado, here are the five things that I have been obsessing over this week…

We went to an awards ceremony for my husband and it was so fun to feel fancy! And with a beautiful sunset to boot! Check out this beautiful pic my husband captured!
Who doesn't love a good and simple baked good? I absolutely love following Christina at Carolina Charm and made her Easy Pumpkin Bread. All it is is Spice Cake Mix mixed with pumpkin. I did add one egg and it is truly easy, pumpkin-y, and moist. A must try this fall season!

I am loving the weather starting to cool down. I have been able to complete some nice hikes with my girlfriend and with my husband's family. I can't wait for more! Arizona's time of year is "fall/winter". And when I mean cooling down, I mean it is highs in the will get even better from here!

Blackett's Ridge
5.7 miles RT | 2-2.5 hours | 1,797 feet | Hard
A truly amazing and fun hike in Sabino Canyon. Short but steep. From the parking lot, walk over to the Bear Canyon trailhead. Shortly after you start the hike you will come to a paved tram road, turn right and walk along the paved tram road until you come to a small building, cross the bridge to your right and start out along the Phoneline trail. Then you will see the trail head sign for Blackett's Ridge Trail.
Sabino Lake, Creek Trail, Rattlesnake Trail, and Esperero Trail
4.1 miles RT | 1-1.5 hours | 285 feet | Easy
This combo of trails was a nice easy beautiful nature walk. We were even lucky enough to see Coati!
I feel like I was the last person to watch the Beauty and the Beast remake. It was so good! But there is actually one more person who hasn't seen it and that is my dear husband. I will absolutely re-watch with him. So good!

Oh and Stranger Things. Last to the party, but on season two now and am totally in love with this amazingly talented cast of kids!

A couple weeks ago was Pharmacist's Week and I am lucky to work with some amazing pharmacists so of course I had to do something small to thank them! Peanut M&Ms are the best!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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  1. I've not seen Stranger Things as yet, but it seems like everybody's into it. I might just have to give it a try.


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