November 6, 2017

Five Travel Apps You Need

If you intend to jet set this holiday season, take your smart phone and immediately download some apps! Whether it is a road trip, quick weekend getaway, or big trip, these apps will make you look like the most seasoned and prepared traveler.
Google Docs: This is not a traditional travel app, but hear me out. I use this on big trips. I put all my ideas into there and then create an itinerary. Doing it in Google Docs enables me to share it with others so they can add to it as well and know what my plans are.

Roadtrippers: For any US road trips, you can find scenic points of interests and roadside attractions.

Google Translate: This may be an obvious one, but this is a must especially when travelling in a foreign country. I love the feature where you can take a picture of a sign and it translates it for you!

WhatsApp/Allo: These apps are my favorite for messaging over wifi. This will save you from international text fees. More people are on WhatsApp so I have that, but Allo is Google's messaging system and I love it not only internationally, but just to text back and forth with friends here in the states. It is my favorite messaging platform.

Yelp: This may seem obvious, but it is a huge time saver when travelling and is great even in your hometown! Do note, that sometimes Yelp is not as used in some foreign countries as much as the states, but you can still find some gems to eat and drink at! Follow me on Yelp!

What are some of your favorite travel apps?

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