December 11, 2017

Chiricahua National Monument

So remember how I said that I took Kevin for a day outdoors to celebrate his birthday? Well we went to Chiricahua National Monument and it was totally beautiful!

We hiked an easy loop, but I picked it because I knew it had the classic views Chiricahua National Monument has to offer. But there are so many trails I cannot wait to come back and explore. 

A little background on this monument: first off, it is super amazing. Chiricahua National Monument is on the Arizona side of the Arizona/New Mexico border. It is known as "A Wonderland of Rocks." And it truly is! Seeing as Bryce Canyon National Park is one of my favorites, it was no coincidence that I love Chiricahua National Monument. The hoodoos here are not the bright orange, but instead complex with hints of brown, green, white, and orange. There are a also a couple of balancing rocks. All are rhyolite rocks. This is because the preserves are a remainder of a volcanic eruption 27 million years ago.

Another reason you should go here is that no one was there! We went and we ran into less then a handful of people. The place was deserted and while fun for us, such a shame because it is such a beautiful area. We had to use our tripod the entire time! Not a soul in sight!

Massai Nature Trail/Echo Canyon Trail Loop
3.7 miles RT | 3 hours | 658 feet | Easy

This was the only hike we had time for during our visit. I knew that this hike would not be fast because with the beauty around you, you are naturally drawn to stop and look. I had to pick my mouth up off the ground a couple of times. We ended up taking this hike clockwise. After doing it, we decided that for the views, we would recommend people take it counterclockwise. It will take you through all the amazing formations that Chiricahua is known for!

Have you ever been to Chiricahua National Monument?
If you are a fan of Bryce Canyon you should go!

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