December 18, 2017

Soledad Canyon Loop

Growing up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Organ Mountains have always been a beautifully unique backdrop to the city. Heck, I even got married with them in the background! I have also loved exploring all the hiking trails the mountains have to offer. Recently in 2014, the area was made into a National Monument: Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument (longest monument name ever!) I had mainly really only explored the Dripping Springs areas (here and here), but finally, I went back and was able to do a hike in one of the flagship areas that I had never done before, Soledad Canyon.

For such an easy hike, I was rewarded with some really cool scenery.

Soledad Canyon Loop
3.4 miles RT | 1.25 hours | 689 feet | Easy

There is a part that off shoots off of the loop. Take it. You will dead end into some boulders and (depending on water level) a waterfall. Perfect place to stop for a picnic!

Happy Monday!

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