March 21, 2018

Did You Miss Me?

If you guys saw my Instagram, you know that there is some pretty big news around these parts: I am pregnant! I am so excited to document my pregnancy on this blog! I have always wanted to be a mother, and I am really looking forward to being pregnant and growing a healthy baby.

This hopefully explains my absence on here lately. One, I haven't been feeling all that great. And two, it was so hard to come up with things to write about when all I wanted to do was spill the beans. I loved keeping the secret between just my husband and I, but I have loved being able to share it with family and friends!

I will be posting occasional pregnancy recaps, so here it goes...

At first, I felt great. It almost didn't feel real that I was pregnant. We went to our first doctors appointment and my doctor said I was not out of the clear yet for symptoms.

And boy was she right. Morning sickness (which came in waves during the day, but was constant at night) and extreme fatigue (literally I am the girl that never naps and there were days I could not get off the couch) got me good. I also had the stuffy, clogged nose from the increase in blood volume. Ugh it has been a miserable first trimester.

I knew I didn't want to tell many people in the first trimester as the miscarriage rates are high, but I knew I wanted our families to know, plus, I was sick as a dog! We told them over Christmas and they were thrilled!

Now, as a nurse, I know some things, but women's care/OBGYN is not my thing. I know even less about children. So naturally, like any other millennial, I am trying to become a Ph.D in Google University. I have not even had the energy to get onto my computer, so I am begging all you moms out there to send me info!

First Trimester Recap:

How far along are you?
I’m almost 19 weeks.

When are you due?

Did you get sick?
Very much so. I had such bad morning sickness and vomiting. The only thing that is okay is carbs. Sometimes some proteins are still making me sick.

What symptoms did you have?
My boobs grew almost immediately! Ugh. And they are so sore. As a larger chested lady (I was a 34DD before pregnancy), I was dreading even bigger boobs. I am already spilling out my bras and will need to get some new ones.

Fatigue. Not the 3pm slump-in-the-workday fatigue, this was different. This was full body fatigue and the type of exhaustion that keeps you from doing anything but sleeping. From about week 7-13, I took naps. As someone who had never napped before, this was so frustrating, because I couldn’t get my work done. However, I knew it was temporary, and I knew it was necessary for my body to rest for a healthy pregnancy. So, I gave into the naps. I still take them occasionally!

Breakouts. This didn't start until second trimester. I am hoping it improves as my pregnancy hormones regulate a bit.

Carb and sugar cravings. I just really craved carb-a-licious foods but not so much dessert. But luckily, I was working out consistently so it helped balance things out.

Dizziness. My blood pressure is on the lower end (not unhealthy low or anything) and if I get up too quickly or sometimes don't drink a TON of water, I can find myself to be pretty dizzy.

Congestion and bleeding. Picture this, I got my husband a steamer a couple years back for his shirts so he can quickly do them before work. Now I use it to help relieve some of the congestion I am experiencing. I also do have some mild bleeding occurrences.

Did you work out?
Yes! As someone who works out consistently I couldn’t imagine just stopping working out, especially when I felt up for it. I didn't work out as much and I shifted my workouts to be more cardio/body weight oriented instead of lifting.

Are you drinking alcohol?
While I am going to miss the glass of savignon blanc all summer long, no I am not drinking.

Are you going to find out the gender?

When did you start to show?
While my belly has definitely grown little by little. At first it just looked like I indulged in too much pizza. I didn’t truly look pregnant until I was 15-16 weeks. I woke up and Kevin noticed that my belly was much rounder than usual. It was like something had clicked! I went to put my jeans on and I couldn’t button them!

Are you going to post bumpdates?
Nope. And you are welcome. :-)

Did I cover everything? Any lingering questions?
If you have ANY suggestions of things I need and things I need to know, let me know! 

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