April 5, 2018

Exploring Nature

Every year, my husband and I take a trip to Vail. We recently went and it was a Vail trip where I was not skiing. Some of his family comes together and it is a really great time. Generally while travelling, I am the kind of person who likes to see new things and not continue to go to the same places. Vail though, keeps bringing me back. I love going and gaining new insights of myself, unwinding, and coming back to focus.
I am a control freak. Which makes skiing an interesting way for me to unwind. When I stand on a slope, it always seems steeper than it is. My technique has been hard and long learned, but it goes straight out the window when I don't feel in control. Backwards I am (as Yoda would say). But hear me out, I use my legs to really dig into those turns. I don't feel in control when I am going to fast. I fear falling and hurting myself again. Technically I can be a good skiier if I feel in control down less steep slopes.
But I like being in control of my whole body. That is why I never do drugs or get wasted on alcohol. I want to be in full control. But if I am not in control at all, I am peaceful too. Being in a chair lift, calming. There is nothing I can do about that.

I continue to ski because despite the fear at times, it is a passion.
Similarly, I am not a good hiker, but I continue because it is a passion.

Hiking has taught me that I am not as sporty as I think. I do enjoy it. But looking at me hiking up a moderate hiking path, you would think that I never work out and that I hate hiking. Whereas people my age are around me shiny, healthy, and happy. Despite not being as sporty, I do know that I want an active lifestyle. If that means torturing myself to climb a mountain, then I do it. It is worth it at the top. I am seduced with the plains, majestic mountain tips, and beautiful conifers. It is like being in a postcard.

I need nature to clear my head. Sure, city living is nice, but I love clearing my head and just getting out into the beauty of the natural world. It is a place where you can let go of technology and stress. While on a beautiful hike or skiing--all your worries just disappear.
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