July 21, 2018

The Final Checklist

I can't even believe I just typed the words the final checklist. It really seems like yesterday that I was patiently awaiting a baby bump. Now I am ready to be without it!

Now, fully bumped out, I am saying, there's only 4 weeks left!! I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant (as of yesterday) and starting the final preparations for the baby's arrival. 

I love lists and so I have kept one for baby preparations and I figured I'd share it with all of you fellow expectant mamas! I started the list about 2 weeks ago, so 6 weeks out:
The Final Baby Checklist

Pack The Hospital Bag
The hospital bag needs to be packed. Haven't even started but I plan to get it done this weekend.

Ensure Knowledge
We could have taken a class, but I just went ahead since I know how was teach Kevin how to give adult and infant CPR. 

Find a Pediatrician
There were really only three pediatricians we were considering, and so we should pick one soon! Very important to find (and soon!).

Clean all the Baby Stuff
There is a little pile that had built up. Another plan this weekend is to clean everything and put it where it belongs!

Stock the House
I don't want to go to finally take a shower and be out of shampoo! I ensured I stocked up on doubles of everything: toilet paper, paper towels, body wash, etc. I even made sure my makeup (even though I doubt I will be putting much of that on in the beginning) is stocked.

Install the Car Seat
Time to start practicing! We will practice doing it over and over so we are confident once the baby is here!

Prep the Freezer
I am going to start stocking the freezer with some of our favorite meals so Kevin can help reheat those dishes for dinner. My family will come and visit and hopefully stock our freezer before they leave! But before that, there are definitely a few essentials I want to have in there, like my favorite soups, my enchiladas, and a bunch of veggies.

Am I missing anything? What are you doing to prepare for the baby?
We can't wait to meet you baby boy! Love Mom and Dad.


  1. Oh wow you're close! Pack hubby a bag for the hospital, he may need a few things if he's staying. Thank you stuff for nurses, I know friends who made a big basket and let nurses puck from it.

  2. Wow! I can't believe the time has already flown by! Good luck on the final stretch before getting to hold your baby boy! <3


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