July 2, 2018

Why I Am Lucky I Married My High School Sweetheart

I think I am pretty dang lucky. I met my husband when we were in High School. We met 15 years ago. We started dating 13 years ago. We got married 6 years ago. Now we are going to have our first child. I know it seems crazy to some of you, since most people look back at the person they dated in high school and cannot imagine being with them now, but me? I wouldn’t change a thing. I married the most amazing guy and was lucky to meet him in high school.
I look at some of my friends who are navigating the dating world. I never had to do that, back when you were a teenager, things were so simple. There was no online dating or hoping to meet someone at a bar. We had it easy (minus the curfew).

I look at how much we were able to change and therefore we were able to grow and learn with each other. We have been there for the big important milestones and the small daily moments to celebrate. From high school graduation, buying our first car, navigating college, good and bad roommates, buying a house, you name it. I know that I am with someone who will stick by me when things get tough. And one of the very best parts is that we know each other really well, inside and out.

We have had lots of time to spend together to build our lives and experience the world together before having children. We spent over 10 years growing up, exploring hobbies, investing in our future and traveling the world together. Most people do these things before they meet their spouse, we did it together and grew closer together through those years. Now the time has come for us to start a family and we know that our relationship is strong. We have so much history together and this will help us in the future to raise our kids.
So yep, I am pretty dang lucky to have been dating the love of my life for 13 years ago today.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. I may not have met Keith in HS but I can attest not rushing to get married and not rushing to have kids has helped us grow. Unfortunately a lot of ppl around me have done both of the above bc of being pressured and we aren't and are not followers.

    Yay to finding your one early! :)


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