August 15, 2018

Five Reasons To Go On A Babymoon

Babymoon. The expectant parent version of a honeymoon. My husband and I enjoyed ours on the big island of Hawaii. I think a babymoon is somewhat a new thing, but I highly recommend it. Here is why:
Being Pregnant Is Hectic
Growing a human takes a lot out of us. Pregnancy can be downright exhausting at least at the start and the end if not the entire thing. While you are growing this tiny human, you are also continuing on with everything else that you need to do as part of your everyday life, such as work, socializing, and home life. Add to that the extra preparations that may be going on, such as decorating a nursery, planning for the baby’s arrival and making frequent trips to medical appointments to ensure all is going well. Yep, it’s hectic. A chance to take a bit of a break from all of this is important.

You May Not Get Another Vacation For A While
This is not always the case. Some families pack up their baby and travel. However for many others, finances are not in favor of vacations and the thought of travelling with a baby can be daunting. So go somewhere and unwind. Travelling will never be this easy again.

Bond With Your Spouse
New babies take up a lot of our time and as such and it is a tired and trying time being a new parent. A babymoon is a great way to strengthen your couple bond before the arrival of your child.

Extra Sleep
Everyone warns you about the lack of sleep when a baby arrives. So taking some time away to sleep in and relax cannot be bad!

Because You Deserve It
One of the final reasons to take a babymoon is because you deserve it. Becoming a parent is a life changing experience and the fact that you are growing this tiny human inside of your body is downright amazing. Take a babymoon because you deserve to treat yourself and have a little bit of fun.

So go take that babymoon! Whether it is a fancy trip or a night away at a local hotel, it is still a babymoon. It doesn’t need to be fancy. You just should take the time to getaway.

What do you think of babymoons?

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  1. When it comes our time I plan on going on one. What's your thoughts on push presents?


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