July 29, 2015

Frito Dog

Remember when I told you guys about my husband and mine's ten year dativersary
Well I never shared the recipe of the Frito Dog I made him.

Now before you guys skip over this because it sounds disgusting...think again. It is unhealthy but really yummy!

When Kevin and I were in high school there was (and still is) this amazing place called Caliche's in our hometown.  We loved going and grabbing a frito dog for lunch in high school and we always love grabbing what they are known for...their custard!

However, I cannot recreate the custard. :-(
I hope one day they come to Tucson.


2 hot dogs
2 hot dog buns
1 12 oz can of chili (or homemade if you have the time!)
1 bag fritos


Cook your hot dogs and place in buns. Smother with chili and top with fritos. 

Okay, so Caliche's version is better.
Okay so in high school we could eat anything.
It is fun to go down memory lane.

Oh and my birthday was a few days before our anniversary. Kevin made me the most amazing pizza. I just had to share!

Yes, those are pepperonis that he cut! So cool!

Happy Hump Day!

July 28, 2015

Three Ways to Inspire You When You're in a Blogging Lull

Writing a blog post.

Looking at a white piece of paper on your screen with a blinking cursor can be daunting when you have no idea what to say. 

I try to never blog when I feel uninspired, but how does one get inspired?
I use the traditional methods, what I see around me, what I do (life/cooking/home improvements/traveling), and Pinterest. But if all of that fails, you have to look deeper for inspiration.

Try something new
For a while, I did not add in a lot of recipes or travel on my blog. I thought I needed to abide by some blog rules that didn't exist and not put too many different directions on my blog. But now I blog on what I want and when I want. If that means trying something new, who knows, it could be awesome!

Look at your analytics
There will be times where more or less people are reading or interacting on your blog. It happens to even the biggest of blogs. Sometimes there are just lulls. But if you are worried, look at what posts have been most popular and where people are going to get to your blog and use that to equip yourself to go further and write on.

Step back
I mentioned in this post, that you should never write just because you need to feel you need to. You do not want your posts to feel stagnant or be an obligation.

What do you do to get yourself out of a blogging lull?

July 27, 2015

When Friends Change

Enter the most cryptic blog post ever.
It is just one of those that when you need to write, you write...

People often seem to come and go through your life. But occasionally there are people that really get you down when they seemingly exit your life. 

I have had two. One a very long time ago and that has been the hardest. Now she is coming back in again and I want to get my hopes up. And I just want to tell them....

There are a lot of things I don't know about your life. I don't know who you hang out with, I don't know what is important to you, but it isn't me.

It's a funny thing, change, because I used to know everything. There was a time where we shared in crazy antics and adventures and now we don't.

I miss having inside jokes, conversations, and adventures.

I wish I could say I stopped missing you but I haven't.

I get mad sometimes that you don't really seem to want to be together and each others life. Then it would make me even more sad because I was mad at you.

I think sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

Friendship is a two way street. I get that, but it seems like I am the only one who has tried caring. Now I need to stop and it is up to you. Therefore, you don't know about good and bad that is going on for me. You haven't congratulated me or asked me if I am doing okay.

I wish I could say I don't care anymore, but I do. 
 I hope you miss me and I hope it hurts.
And I don't care how harsh that sounds.

July 24, 2015

It was Totally Worth it

It really does stink to spend a night after a long days work in the car. But I just have to remember that it gets me to a weekend of seeing my friends and family in New Mexico. At least that's what I keep telling myself.  And that's when I will stop regretting a 4.5-hour night car ride. Sometimes in life there are things you don't like to do, but then it ends up being totally worth it. Like....

Cooking a nice homemade dinner.
Shaving your legs.
Waiting in the off season for football season (It is almost here guys!)
Pulling an extra shift at work.
Doing your hair.
Going grocery shopping.
Making the bed. (It feels better to climb into a made bed than a not made one at the end of the night. Am I right?!?)
Studying hard to get your degree.
Cleaning out the junk drawer.
Three glasses of wine. (It is worth it...until the next morning.)
The drive home. 

Happy weekend! Do something that is worth it!

July 23, 2015

Lucky in Life

I have been extremely lucky in that, throughout my life, people and opportunities have appeared at a time when I needed them most. The other day was no exception.

I made a decision a while ago that I was going to take the risk and change jobs. Despite the fact that I was making good money, not working weekends (that says a lot for a nurse), and moving on up in the ranks of a stable job.

 As I look at my life, I am appreciative that I have a wonderful husband, a supportive family and amazing friends. I am happy. However, as I age I become more conscious of the fact that life is short.

With that in mind, I made the change and immediately after experienced lots of feelings of elation and excitement, swiftly followed by anxiety, guilt and self-doubt. It has been an emotional roller coaster.

The other day I had the opportunity that I hadn’t previously considered as I didn’t believe it was available to me. I found myself in the right place at the right time and yes, I was scared, but after the experience I knew that what I am doing is the right thing.

Occasionally there are still some small feelings of doubt, but at least I know that I have the support of the ones I care the most about.

That is what life is all about.

What about you guys? 
Have you changed directions in life?

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