July 6, 2015

Men and Pictures

There are so many things men do not understand about taking a simple picture.

Women take better pictures then men. A girl understands what girls are looking for in a picture. Although all girls would love the beautiful background captured but girls would much prefer to be in the picture, look as skinny as possible, and have good lighting.

Prepare for some bad pictures of me as I embarrass myself to prove a point...

Men still don't understand.

Everyone has a good side. Which also means we have a bad side. Other girls will tell us to switch sides, move, or take the picture all over again until we are on our good side. 
Man: That looks good. 
Woman: Lauren, go ahead and get that piece of hair out of your face and don't stick your hips out like that.

Men cannot differentiate. 

Everyone has a pose. Whether it is the hand on a hip, smile with teeth, without teeth, one foot in front of the other, the list goes on...This will tell you when I am ready for you to snap a picture okay?
Man: Snaps picture (for the record this is one of two really bad ones and the only I have of me in front of this Basilica)
Woman: Waits until I am ready and smiling and posing. Unless she is a professional photographer and can get good candids.

Men cannot wait until we are ready.

Angles are important to us. You do not need to bend down and take a picture from up. That is not a good angle.
Just when was this ever going to be a good picture?

Men, if I don't look great, then it's "just okay."

We get a little nervous hearing we have been tagged in a photo. Our girlfriends will post the picture because it means one thing...it is good of them.

The guy in the back tags this talking on the phone looking hella fierce and i'm over here like...RBF (resting bitch face)

Men don't understand that in the age of digital, I don't care how many I have

When we say take a picture, we mean take ten. It would be wonderful if the first picture turned out well. but that doesn't usually happen.

Men will need to be taught this...over and over and over again.

A picture is only good or great if you look good in it. Now that doesn't matter who takes it...someone off the street or a professional photographer.

Men we are equally scared when you tag us for different reasons...did you even look at the picture!?

Sadly we understand the bad pictures though. They are a millisecond in our life. They may have our chin pinned a way making us look uncomfortable or our arm pressed against our side making us look twice as big. Regardless, we would rather have one bad picture of a really important moment in time then none at all.

Thank you for taking our pictures.
Just next time make sure it is a good one though!!!

July 2, 2015

Ten Year Dativersary

Ten years ago today, a boy named Kevin asked a girl named Lauren out on a date to see Batman Begins and to Coldstone Creamery after hitting it off at my 16th birthday and a group date with our friends. At the end of the date he got all nervous and asked me to be his girlfriend. I will never forget it!

Ten years have passed with two college graduations, an engagement, a wedding, a move to a different state, a move across the city, buying a house, jobs, new jobs, and fun travels. Therefore, it was only appropriate to celebrate...

I gave him this card and recreated a special hot dog (i'll share the recipe later) and we went out to Coldstone Creamery and a little shopping! Then this weekend we are going to San Diego. The perfect way to celebrate in my opinion!

Our relationship has really been my life. Kevin and I have grown up and grown everyday more in love with each other. Everyday with him is something to celebrate, but today especially, deserves a mention.

I have decided to chronicle our story. Not everyone may be interested in this, but it is my 10 year dativersary with him so it fits and it is good to record it for posterity! :-)

Kevin and I grew up in the same town in New Mexico. We met in high school. I transferred to the school across town to swim. I met him in freshman english class where we sat next to each other. I instantly was attracted to his smile. Our sophomore year we had no classes with each other. I had a biology class with his best friend and we became fast friends and lab partners. One day at towards the end of the year I was walking to my mom's car to get picked up and saw Kevin. We said hello and I ended up asking him to my 16th birthday party. His best friend was going to come so he might as well too right?! He said yes, and I got into the car. My mom remarked on how good looking that guy was that I was talking to. I didn't think too much of it. :-)

We were both pretty shy at my 16th birthday party. A bunch of us a couple of days later all went out to a movie and that is when Kevin asked me out on a date just us! We went and then after he asked me to be his girlfriend in my driveway.

We spent the remaining two years of high school with him watching me at some swim meets, me watching him play in the school band at football games, and going to winter balls, spring formals, and proms. We the graduated high school. Kevin graduated salutatorian. We traveled meeting each others family. 

We transitioned into college life. We went to the same school and even worked the same job one semester. He could have gone to a far more prestigious school but he stuck with me. (He also had a pretty good merit scholarship enticing me.) We studied hard and had lots of fun. Every summer we spent long distance while Kevin did internships. 
We took an anniversary trip to San Diego the year we were both set to graduate. It is here Kevin proposed to me. Some people thought that the proposal was going to happen here, but I honestly was not expecting it...(looking back I have no idea why I wasn't expecting it...)
Kevin found himself looking for advanced degree programs and decided on Arizona. He graduated and packed up. I graduated and packed up with him a semester later. I kind of halfway removed as I was back in New Mexico planning our wedding and studying/taking my NCLEX exam to become and accredited Registered Nurse. I also start a blog...

We get married, we honeymoon, and I get a job.

We become homeowners! And here we are today enjoying every bit that life has to offer. I couldn't think of anyone better to have by my side!

I love you Kevin!

July 1, 2015

How Far Have We Come?

I never shared pictures of this weekend, but a couple weekends ago, Kevin and I went back to our hometown and went and watched his cousin graduate college. She graduated from the same college and in the same building we did. Down the road a little way is the high school where Kevin and I met. Currently right now it is undergoing a pretty good sized renovation. We were told it was almost done when we got there. Seeing things so differently made me nostalgic. (Haha you guys were warned here that I am!) It made me realize how much over time you truly do grow and change.

Us with the graduate!

When I graduated college, I thought everything would just fall into place. Little did I know that just a few months after wearing my gap and gown I would be battling my test anxiety, trying to find a job, learning to be a wife, and learning to live with the heat. There were days I sat in a hot house on second hand couches thinking I would never find a job. When I look back I smile at how you can learn to live through it (starting a blog was one of the ways) and knowing that the storm does pass. The shame fades as well.

We have come a long way since those kids who left that town, and it left a little lump in my throat being there and feeling so grateful for the life we have together now. 

Sometimes it is hard to see any significant progress made when living our day to day lives. Sometimes you do need to be nostalgic and look back on the times and where you were to where you are now to see the growth. We are always making progress, even when you can't see it or are unsure of changes to your life. Hopefully, they are ones that are fantastic or will shape you for the better.

Just know that you can get from point A to point B with hard work, dedication, and chocolate. Embrace life and you will be on an amazing adventure! (Make sure you say adventure in a Hobbit voice...it sounds way cooler)

So take this time to be nostalgic. 
What are some of your biggest life lessons so far?
Let me know!

June 29, 2015

Do me

I am officially crossing over. I am no longer in my early 20s. Feels weird. I am realizing that there are some things that I need to do before I get older. This kind of goes with my tidbits I shared of what should have already been accomplished.

Stop eating junk food
Fast food, junk food, it is easy and fast after making money at your job all day. I can buy lots of junk food, but I can't buy health. I need to give it up. I eat wayyyy too much!

Maintain/repair relationships with my parents and siblings
Life is too short.

Stop not wearing sunscreen
I do not want wrinkles or thin skin from the sun.

Exercise regularly
I cannot wait to start building a consistent active lifestyle after recovering from this ACL surgery. I want to keep my weight at a normal and healthy level for myself.

Don't delay on my life goals
I feel like changes I have wanted to make, I never really felt I knew when to make them. Truth be told, I will never know. Just go and do!

Give back
As much as I can and when I can.

Travel whenever I can
It is so amazing to be and see different places.

Make my home the best
Even with the love I have for traveling, I want my home to be the base where comfort and safety is felt. It needs to be the best place for me and my family.

Get a massage
Because yeah, why not?!

Sometimes, you just gotta do you!

June 26, 2015


It's my birthday Sunday and I turn 26 for the first time. ;-)
I am a person who loves celebrations, I love holidays, and anniversaries are a big deal. I am that girl.

I find myself wishing that I could go back to the simpler days of elementary school, when your mom brought in cupcakes on your birthday and you sat in the middle of the room while your classmates sang Happy Birthday and you got presents and everyone truly celebrating you being born. Because in that time stopped and it was glorious. (except the one year that the teacher forgot to include my birthday with the rest of the summer birthdays...scarred me for life)

Birthdays are cool. It is a time you can celebrate life. which is pretty cool! My big birthday plans consist of eating chocolate and doing laundry.

I have to work the two days before and the two days after my birthday.

Life doesn't always stand still or go in slow motion for us to celebrate it, in fact, in my experience, it rarely does...if ever.

So you have to celebrate its ordinary moments and make them special because that is truly the stuff of life and I don't want to miss it because I was looking for fireworks.

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