August 26, 2016

Five on Friday: Football Edition

Today I need some distraction. I have a leak in my roof and about doubled over when I found out the repair price. I am getting a second opinion today, but in the mean time I need something happy to think about. How about football?!

I am so ready for some football! Nothing makes me happier than cooler weather, fantasy football and Sundays on the couch! And when there are days the NFL has games in London, it is even more amazing because I start watching football in bed! I love it!

So since I can't stop thinking about football, here is a Five on Friday: Football Edition!
Tomorrow is my Fantasy Football draft. Everyone has different advice, but here is my one tip for all of you out there. All too often I see people freak/rush when something like tight ends start getting taken and then you abandon your next pick because "oh no, all the tight ends are getting taken." Don't fall for it! Stay calm, cool, and collected and get those big running backs and wide receivers that are going to score you the points! Other than that piece of advice, here is a guide to rocking your fantasy football league this year!

Speaking of the draft, since I host the draft party, I gotta prep not only who I want, but I also have to prep some food! You can also try any my tried and true favorites for football season all listed in one place here!

What are the chances that my boss will give me the schedule I want during football season for the optimal football/social schedule...we will soon find out! haha!

Speaking of my schedule, I work during the season opener. Denver vs. Carolina. I am hoping to get sent home early that day. I asked my husband if he would wait to watch the game with me and his answer...hell no! Denver Broncos always win in this house...

And while NFL is my bread and butter, I will cheer for my college teams! Go Ohio State and Arizona! I hopefully will have some good tailgates this fall. Check out my tailgating basics for a sure fire awesome time!

Okay, not football related, but sports related. I watched so much during the Olympics. Maybe for my couch potato status, it is a good thing that it only comes on every four years! Apart from swimming, diving and women's gymnastics were my favorite to watch.

Are you ready for some football?!
What were your favorite Olympic events to watch?

August 24, 2016

What's In My Day Hike Backpack

A day hike to me just seems so beautiful and so easy. The feeling of just grabbing the car keys and heading out is exciting. When the time comes and I just want to get out and go, I want to think very little about what mother nature may throw at me during my outing, so I have things I always keep in my pack. Of course, depending on where I am hiking (weather and travel conditions) and the length of my hike, somethings may be added to my pack. None of these items seem to ever get subtracted though!

Here are the items I always have. I may not be a boy scout, but I always wanna be prepared!

You are working harder and so breathing harder will cause a chapped lips.

I am white and I am outdoors and I don't want any more skin cancer. Put on your first layer before you even leave!

A Knife:
Something I feel like I should keep just in case.

Because you always should have some of those! My favorite part of my pack! Almonds often fill me up so a mix of almonds and chocolate chips are usually always making an appearance at the bottom of my bag.

You never know when you will need a spare pair! (that rhymes) Plus if they get wet, nothing feels better than some warm, dry socks.

Cover your face from the sun and heat. Plus it covers the ugly and sweat.

If you start to feel yourself get a blister, you should immediately stop and cover with a bandaid. I keep a couple of different sizes and some triple antibiotic ointment in case something were to happen.

Small Flashlight:
Keeping a small one doesn't take a lot of space and it feels like something I should have.

And bonus, outside of my pack, I always bring a friend. I enjoy company and then heaven forbid anything happens, someone else is there.

As for my packs, my day pack is an old camel back and if I need something bigger I have an old medium sized outdoor gear backpack and then for actual backpacking trips (which I hope to go on my first soon) I will use my husband's old backpack. So nothing really to suggest in terms of what pack to use.

What are your go to essentials when you hike?
Do you have any backpacks you like?

August 22, 2016

Spinach Dip

Imagine the creamiest spinach dip that you have ever had. It makes your mouth water huh! Well after you think of it, just go ahead and make it! You have my mom to thank for this one...

Speaking of my mom makes me think I should be responsible. My goals this week: schedule a hair appointment, schedule doctors appointments, and go grocery shopping. Word to my mother.

Anyway, back to the dip! It takes so little time to make and makes for a gorgeous appetizer or snack. Serve it up with some with some dippers and trust me, you will be satisfied. Sometimes I have leftovers and I will warm up the dip for 3 minutes for a hot variation! 


5 oz of frozen chopped baby spinach, thawed.
1 cup of mayonnaise
1 container (16 oz) sour cream
4 oz of cream cheese, softened
1 package of Knorr Vegetable Recipe Mix


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and chill for about two hours. Serve with your favorite dippers* and serve in bowl or in a hallowed out bread bowl, tomato, or cucumber.

Favorite Dippers: cucumbers, tortilla chips, bell peppers, crackers, or my favorite...Ritz Toasted Chips.

And no, this is in no way sponsored by Knorr or Ritz, but I use those and it is GREAT.

What are your goals this week?
Does everyone but me add artichokes into their spinach dip but me?

August 19, 2016


I have just enjoyed the heck out of myself watching swimming in the Olympics. I swam in high school, and while I miss it, I do not miss the training. But all that aside, I don't know if I could have done any other sport. I liked the aspect that I trained for myself, I swam for myself and no one else. Now while that sounds selfish, let me explain...

When I am on my own, I speed whenever I want. I build a steady pace whenever I want. I push myself to go faster. I could also let my mind wander. Sometimes I would be too busy thinking, that I would forget how bad my legs were hurting and would just keep going.

I get weird sometimes when I am really working with someone else. I will slow down, my mind will tell me I can't do anymore, I compare myself and therefore, my confidence dips. Sometimes I would think "just give up because you can’t go that fast."

Which, when you think about, is a pretty good reflection on life.

My younger sisters did tennis. My youngest sister I think was like me. When I would watch her play, if she was playing someone good, her serves, hits, basically her whole game-was good. When she played someone who was not as good as her, she "played down".

I think sometimes when we focus on our own pace, our own creativity, our own pains or passions,our own plans, our own goals–that is when we do the greatest things. When our confidence is highest is when we achieve the most.

Especially in this day of social media, comparisons happen. We all scroll through our various social media feeds comparing ourselves. We all do it, but it is knowing when you need to only compare yourself to yourself. Everyone is on different swims in this life (so to speak) and you can only do what is ultimately best for you.

How do you do that? Focus on your own achievements, your own successes and your own pace. That is how you move forward. You may not be the fastest in the pool, but you are the best because you are doing it in your own way.

August 17, 2016

Easy Appetizers

I love a good appetizer! I think part of entertaining is be able to think on the fly. Some of the time when you entertain, you realize that there are a lot of of times where you need to entertain on the fly and just use what you have. You don't have time to go to the grocery store, so you have to improvise. So these are yummy appetizers for the everyday, unexpected need with items you have in your fridge.

Blue Cheese Tomatoes:

Slice a tomato and top with blue cheese crumbles for a flavor profile that is out of this world.

Ranch and Cheese Peppers:

Chop green bell peppers and cover with ranch dressing. Then top with slices of Parmesan cheese and enjoy the zing with every bite!

Peanut Butter Celery:

Oh what, you do this already for your kids?! Well, I am kind of like a kid...but I don't like raisins and I didn't have chocolate chips, so I did not add ants to the log.

Besides ordering in pizza, what do you make when you have surprise guests?

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