January 15, 2015

Dangerous Drug Interactions

Drug interactions.
I see them time and time again as a nurse.

The three main types of drug interactions are drugs and food, drugs and supplements, and drugs and drugs. Bio availability, excretion, metabolism, and absorption of drugs are all adverse effects that you may not know until it is too late.

Antibiotics and Birth Control // you will need to use a secondary method of birth control because most antibiotics can do one of two things: decrease levels of estrogen or kill bacteria that converts inactive chemicals to active estrogen.

Benadryl and Sleeping Aids // Some people can take Benadryl to go to sleep. But if you use something stronger like a hypnotic and think "well I will just add a Benadryl on top of it." Please don't. Also not on this list, please don't mix too many pain medications and antidepressants. The serotonin uptake gets all messed up.

Anticoagulants and Vitamin K // Vitamin K clots your blood when your Coumadin especially is trying to thin your blood.  Vitamin K is what we nurses will give you if your blood is too thin. You will also see this interaction when you eat tons of food rich in Vitamin K (like green leafy vegetables).

Cholesterol Medications and Grapefruit // Grapefruit interferes with your body's ability to break down statin medications. Therefore, if you consume enough grapefruit juice, the level of the statin will increase in your blood. This will effect your kidneys and you might have muscle and joint pains as side effects.

Hypertension Medications and Decongestants // If you have high blood pressure you will need to ask your doctor what cold medications are safe for you to take. Sudafed for instance (Pseudoephedrine) will raise your blood pressure. It is hard on your body to have two different messages like that. (raise and lower blood pressure)

As always just ask your doctors or nurse practitioners about drug interactions.
Did you know about any/all of these interactions?

January 14, 2015

Mr Goodbar Bites

Seriously I would be okay if all I had in my life was chocolate and nuts. 
Often I have lightly salted almonds and semisweet chocolate chips as a snack.
That is healthier right?!

There are times though where I am craving more chocolate. Therefore I have to actually dip the nuts into chocolate!

I made some of my very yummy, very easy Mr. Goodbar bites. They are so good and only have two ingredients! I use regular dry, roasted peanuts. You can use any sort of chocolate. I prefer to use a bark style of chocolate. These Mr. Goodbars are good alone or on ice cream.

All you do is melt the chocolate and stir in the peanuts. Drop rounded tablespoons onto wax paper and allow them to set up.

I have heard that using Honey Roasted Peanuts adds a good flavor too further combining sweet and salty.

I make these and then they just disappear. They are way too dangerous around me. Don't make these if you have any New Year's Resolutions...unless your resolution is just to enjoy the heck out of some really good food and desserts.

Speaking of resolutions, what are some of your New Year's Resolutions?

January 13, 2015

Organizing that Garage

House improvements continue!

One thing that took us a while to get around to was organizing the garage. I could be more organized there, but for now I am as organized as I need to be. I also wasn't going for pretty, but rather, get the job done quick!

My favorite thing to organize was the peg board. It hold and displays all of Kevin's tools perfectly so that even (maybe) when he yells for something I can get it for him (if I know what it looks like).

Below the pegboard, Kevin used the old laminate counter tops from the kitchen as a work table for the space. I think it will be quite useful for him!

And of course Kevin planned it all out on the computer. Ya know for the measurements ;-)
(Really he just has fun doing it, I think!)

Kevin built the shelves himself. All of the lumber came to about $150. This shelving unit is incredibly strong and can hold several hundred pounds. If we were to have purchased pre-made shelving the same size and capacity, we would've spent more that twice that amount.

There was a lot of me looking at old items and telling Kevin to get rid of them and Kevin telling me they could come in useful later. There was a lot of honest to gosh compromise here. 

My next thing to do is get a clear tackle box/jewelry holder for all of the sprawling assortment of nails and screws that have been collected through the years. Anyone have any favorites?

I feel more at peace driving into my garage knowing that I am far more organized now. 
What a good feeling!

Anyone else in love with peg board!?

January 12, 2015

Huevos Rancheros

On Sunday mornings, there is something about seeing my husband in the kitchen. It is magical and a time for us together in a different way that only Sunday morning can bring about. We share this moment with three things: eggs, beans and chiles. No joke.

Huevos rancheros are pretty much standard in New Mexico. It is what I grew up with. In New Mexico, late August and September is prime chili-roasting season, when practically every grocery store parking lot and major intersection has a roasting crate filled with bright green pods, giving off a most wonderful smell. On a Saturday night, my family and I would go and purchase our green chile and then we would take home pounds upon pounds upon pounds and bag them. It was warm Saturday nights like this where burning fingers (and hopefully not eyes) on the uncovered patio were spent. Then Sunday morning would come and tortillas and fried eggs and spoonfuls of beans, and huge helping of helping of our new green chiles would happen.

Kevin and I still have our parents stock up for us even one state away. We love making huevos rancheros. Sorry Arizona, but good huevos rancheros is hard to come by here. I will make them gladly.

(Makes two)


Four Corn Tortillas
Lots of Cheese
Four eggs
Kevin's Salsa (Or any salsa you like!)


Pan warm your tortillas.

Cook the eggs over easy your eggs. 

Place one egg on each warmed tortillas, cover with salsa and top with massive amounts of cheese. 

Then enjoy!!

What is your favorite Sunday morning breakfast food?

January 9, 2015

Long Distance Sisters

For anyone who is a first child, or an older sibling, there was probably a day where your parents sat you down and told you that you were going to be a big sister/sibling.

I don't remember the exact day they told me that I was first going to be a big sister, but I remember it vividly the second time around. 

Well now my middle sister has graduated college!

This sister was the sister I fought with, the sister I laughed with, the sister I have had the most time with.

I knew my parents were going to becoming empty nesters. They have to go through a mourning process. I knew they would. But no one told me that I would...

This is where I realize the difference between first borns, middle, and the youngest. For me as a first born, I have the job of taking care of my baby (middle) sister. I am happy obliged to carry out this. I have been dependent on this title. There is no other way for me to be.

Then my younger (middle) sister became the middle and there was the youngest. At some point, the youngest ones realize as they get older that the oldest one is going to need some looking after. This is why middle sisters can be independent. They get older and realize the older sister needs a "big sibling." They come into a role of their own. They don't have to do it because their parents told them so. So therefore, my younger sister was already an older sister before we were told that we were getting another youngest sister.

Now I see a fearlessly independent woman. My middle sister didn't always think she had to be the strongest one and was able to have times where she was carefree.

I would not have been able to have been an only child. I am too needy. I need my sisters. I don't want to be independent without them.

My middle and younger sister are perfect together. They get each other. They have grown together and take care of each other as sisters should.

But back to my middle sister...she has graduating college. She is going to learn what the business world holds for her out there and I know she will be fine because she is one of the strongest girls I know. Now we all need to learn how to be in a good long distance sister relationship.

No matter what, my sisters will need me and I will need them.
Whenever they need me, I am there for them.

Congrats Tess. I love you!

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