April 17, 2015

Growing Your Blog While Working Full Time

Raise your hand if you have a blog.
Raise your hand if you want to start a blog or grow your blog, but have a busy full time job and you think you couldn't find the time to dedicate to a blog.

Often the only thing that often gets in the way of my blogging isn't life, but rather my full time job. It can be hard. And no apologies, but I will always need to put that first in all reality...it pays the electricity bill. 

I feel like in the past couple of years having my blog, my question has been:
How to you manage working a full time job and giving your blog the time and energy that it deserves?

I think I may have finally figured it out.

Make a calendar
This is seriously how I stay sane. I used to use a normal planner, but then I found these print outs and I am forever in love!!

Schedule and plan your posts
When I tore my ACL I used some of my free time even while working a full time job to slow down a bit and plan some of my posts. When you have a topic idea, write it down. Build off of those ideas and make posts. If you make enough and keep enough in your bank, so to speak, you will have some that are ready to go on those days where work sucks the life out of you.

Make Goals
You have goals and tasks at work, in life, why should your blog be any different? This can be you want a certain number of followers or page views or comments...whatever you want!

Blog only when you want
This is because I truly believe that if you are not inspired to write you will not have enough content then my blog won't be good. Nobody wants their blog content skimmed over, if you write a post just because you need one, it will feel like an obligation. It is better to have a blog with passion once or twice a week then bored posts five times a week.

What are your some of your ways you keep your blog fresh, fun, and going?
Please share!

April 15, 2015

Cobb Salad

I am on a mission to feel better and eat healthier. I think one of the main reasons people don’t like to eat healthy (myself included) is because the food is boring or lacks in flavor. That is why I’m determined to make healthy recipes fun and tasty. If I feel the need to be out and eat healthy, I always pick the Cobb Salad. To me it is anything but boring.

If I like this salad when I am out, how come I don't make it at home? To be healthy at home you need to make food full of amazing flavor and amp up your everyday salad.

A classic Cobb Salad does just that!


1 boneless chicken breast
4 strips of bacon fried until crisp
1 avocado
Romaine lettuce or green leaf lettuce, chopped
2 hard boiled eggs
Grape tomatoes, halfed (but roma tomatoes chopped are also fine)
1/4 cup of blue cheese crumbles
Blue cheese dressing


Prep your toppings, ensure that your chicken is skillet cooked all the way through and cubed, crispy bacon torn into pieces, grape tomatoes cut, hard boiled eggs cubed, and avocado cut and chopped into cubes.

Arrange toppings on bed of chopped lettuce in rows.

Drizzle with salad dressing and enjoy!

What are some of the ways you spice up and make healthy food more enjoyable?

April 10, 2015

Financial Records

How does one learn how to become an adult? From those around us I guess? Well here I am finding myself as an adult. For once I am the one who has my birth certificate and am in charge of that and not my mom. All of a sudden these kinds of records and financials and papers galore all start piling up. I had this cute little accordion folder that held them all that is now going to burst should I put even one more paper into it.

No worries, I have a new organizational strategy that I am working on and will share with everyone when complete. But first I thought I would discuss after my research and personal experience how long you may want to keep these documents for.

**consult with someone not me before you take these words for gospel, this is just my opinion**

Tax Records
You should keep your income tax returns and supporting documentation (receipts and worksheets) for three years. That is how long the IRS has to audit you. Apparently it is six years if you have broken tons of rules, but would you really keep any of your documentation anyway if you were breaking all those rules?

Thank gosh for computer storage by the way. I can't imagine doing all these spreadsheets on papers and having to store them all.

I keep them for a while. You never know and since thankfully myself and my husband are pretty healthy we don't have many. Except for my new little knee injury...

Home Purchase, Sale, and Improvements
As long as you have that home I say and long enough to do your next tax return and three years after that maybe (for the tax records)? See where this is becoming a math problem? But then some people randomly say seven years after you sold a home...

Misc...(Stocks, Bonds, Investments, Credit Card stuffs, Retirement stuffs, paycheck stubs)
My husband says forever since it is all computerized. He tells me to let my OCD go and not worry about that. So I have no idea.

Warranties and Manuals
Until they expire or whatever the manual is for breaks/I no longer have it.

Insurance Policies
As long as it is current.

Jewelry and other Items of Value's Information
This kind of goes along with insurance, because as long as you have something expensive, you should keep information on it. If you ever come to selling these items, having proof of authenticity will be helpful. Keep it all!

What else am I forgetting that we keep?

April 8, 2015

Spouse Life: Nursing Edition

It has got to be hard to be a spouse of a nurse. 
Here is what Kevin often has to go through...

He has to roll over and over again really early as my alarm just goes off.....
He does not seem to have any trouble with this...

He gets home and I am not. Someone has coded or all hell has broken loose at the end of shift.
funny nurses

So then he decides to make dinner and calls me and I say I am on my way home and he is very proud that he has a hot dinner perfectly timed out for when I get home.

But then a patient traps me telling me her life story and all about her children and children's children and I am trapped trying to leave. Now dinner is cold. 
animated GIFs about nursing

Then I get home and he doesn't quite know whether he wants to immediately hug me. Am I gross? Probably.

Then we eat. I just gotta eat because I probably haven't sat down to eat all day.

Then I start talking about my day and he gets either really grossed out or depressed. I'm sorry. I love you for listening!
funny nursing images

Then I get to shower. After my shower I feel like nothing can stop me.
nurse graphics

Then I get in bed and he comes in excited to cuddle next to a clean me.....BUT I am asleep.

Thank you for putting up with me. I love you more than you can know!

Does anyone else's career leave your ever so forgiving spouse in situations like this?

April 7, 2015

Thunder Thighs

My weight has been discussed here a good bit. I have never been the skinny girl - size 0, 2, 4. My curves came in as soon as Aunt Flow started visiting, which was about, oh, the 6th grade. My body is athletic, with "thunder" thighs that are my powerhouse. For a long time, I didn't realize I even had them, until someone pointed them out to me. In an instant, my perception of them changed.

Instead of viewing my legs as strong and athletic, my mind saw them as fat. ugly. thunder thighs. And at times, it still does. It's funny how the mind can alter so quickly and how it is easier to fall into negative thinking.

"You are not fat. You have fat. Fat does not define who you are."

The mind is a deceiving thing - it convinced me that my body was ugly, when in fact, it's beautiful. My so called "thunder" thighs push me through hard runs, lead me to my home and move steady throughout life. They're not as chiseled as they used to be, and at times, I don't see the results I want. But I'm changing my focus from seeing results to working on change.

"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results."
-Jack Dixon

In the end, it is mind over matter body, isn't it?

I did have to wear the large compression stockings after surgery and am working again on gaining muscle function back in those big quads of mine ;-)

What is something that has recently had a perception change for you?

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