April 15, 2014

The places you will work...

All I have been doing lately is working, so naturally...my mind most often is on work.
Eh...just kidding, it is still work!

This has really got me thinking about how I feel like I am an adult with my real job.
Got me thinking about all my jobs.
And I have had quite a few. 
Some more random than others, let me list a few...

1. Babysitter
This was my very first "job".
I baby sat for family friends who needed me to at very low rates. ie. $3 a kid.
Character building right there folks.
I think this first job made me the tightwad I am today.

2. Administrative Assistant (aka. secretary/filing girl)
I worked for a telecommunications company and did their filing and invoices. It was fun and I liked the business world. Hated the skirts though!

3. Lifeguard
Too many jobs at one time, but being a lifeguard made sense for me and it was the same pool I practiced at all through high school. I knew the people, made some good friends, they worked around my schedule, and I had a good time there!
I sweated my boobs off on the hot days and loved the rainy/lighting days where I got paid to watch it rain! (IT would be totally cooler if it rained money....we were not that kind of establishment people!)

4. Swim Instructor
Oh boy, this was a good job.
So by being a lifeguard, you had to do one summer of swim lessons.
I had a lot of swim experience and actually had a knack for teaching all levels of swimming.
A lot of mommies were happy and wanted me all to their own for their kid.
So I did private swim lessons. That was fun, easy, and good money.
I also never got in trouble with my boss (me!).

5. Crimson Scholar Residential Mentor
Say that five times fast.
Yeah and this was a job Kevin and I held together.
We got free room and board and paid to help honors kids have social lives and live through college.
It was really fun and we only did it for one year, but it was a time consuming job which is ultimately why we both stopped.

Funny side note: you were not allowed to date each other or your residents. Kevin and I were dating when we applied but didn't know that rule. We found out after the interviews were all said and done. We had decided it wouldn't matter because the probability of us both landing the gig was slim. I don't even know how many people applied, but only 30 were chosen for interviews and then 6 were given the job. We were two of them! They didn't know we were dating until we told them, but they played it off and said it would be fine. :-)

6. Veterinary Assistant
I worked for my mother-in-law back in college.
I assisted her when she had surgeries, which was usually once a week in the morning when I didn't have school or clinicals.
I love puppies!

7. Nursing Student
I just didn't get paid for this job!
And it took more hours than a job!
But getting out into the real world after college, it was totally on my resume!

7. RN Charge Nurse
This job and I just didn't vibe.
Hence why I left, but it was a good lesson in getting my first adult job after school.

8. Agency Nurse
It was hard, but I enjoyed the challenge of doing something totally different every day for work. There was a lot of unpredictability so financially I had more to plan (see here) but it was good for me.

9. Unit Manager
My current job that I love and could see myself doing for a long time.
But I guess I thrive on that...since this has been me lately:
I actually got excited after the time change because I could ACTUALLY SEE the sun!! This semester sure was tough for its long days!!

All and all I think the most important thing I have learned being a big girl nurse is....

Never pass up an opportunity to pee.

April 14, 2014

Weekend Update and Goals

||  Friday ||
1. Spent my day at work per the usual. There was something in the air and everyone was just really on edge and rude. Kill them with kindness was all I could do.
2. My Friday night? Minor League Baseball of course! Two Tucson reject teams: Reno Aces and El Paso Chihuahuas. Yep you heard right on that last one...

 || Saturday ||
3. Market on the Move (MOM) in the morning. I love that the Tucson/Phx area does this! I love supporting and knowing that I am taking things that would otherwise go to waste.
4. I convinced Kevin to go on some errands with me the rest of the morning after MOM. HomeGoods, Marshalls, Sam's Club, to name a few...
5. After that some lunch, blogging for me, and a nap for Kevin, we (I use that term loosely) continued to tackle Kevin's shelves project in the garage. I can't wait to have all the storage space!! Organization for the win!!
6.  The remainder of the night was spent making dinner together and enjoying a nice glass of wine and some Dominion! A perfect day/night together! I have a pretty darn good husband if I do say so myself!!

|| Sunday ||
7.  Enjoyed a slow morning of sleeping in and breakfast.
8. Finished my morning right with a work out! Gotta get to it before it gets too hot here in AZ. It has been well into the 90s as of late. Yuck!
9. Had a lazy day followed by dinner and a movie of Kevin's choosing (Jurassic Park)

Here are my goals for the week: 
hoping this will help keep me accountable
Gah, I can't believe we are already halfway done with April!!

+ Work out Monday-Friday. Hopefully run a whole mile straight without stopping.
+ Give myself a mani/pedi. 
+ Blog everyday this week.
+ Drink more water.
+ Finish my current book this week.

April 10, 2014

Two Ingredient Cookies

When my family came to visit the other weekend and it was so nice to see them, but it was most full I have ever had my home. When company comes over, food is important (shoot it is always important, lets be real). I don't want to be slaving away in the kitchen the whole darn time.

So the first night I had Kevin grill some steaks and I made a salad and garlic bread. Yum and easy.

Then my sister asked what is for dessert?!

I look in my pantry and find canned pumpkin. My brain knows that I have seen people use it as a supplement in baking on Pinterest but I couldn't remember how and didn't look. Lame, but true.

I mixed a can with a spice cake mix and made cookies. The dough is a weird consistency and the cookies didn't seem like they were done ever, but trust me I have found 15 min at 350 to be good! I also calculated 72 calories in each cookie since I had 27 cookies in my batch. I thought by looking at them and feeling them that I had really messed up this little kitchen, dessert experiment. But then I bit into them and all thoughts of error went out the window.

But to be fair, I consulted the internet AFTER I made the cookies and this is not something of my own invention. In fact other people who have their claim to fame on the interweb with this recipe recommend a cream cheese frosting. But I am all about mix two ingredients and be done...ain't no one got time for frosting. (Unless you do. Then bring me some!)

Drats and Enjoy!

April 9, 2014

Life Lately

Instagram has been the home of most of my updates during my blog break. I have found I really love Instagram. I want to be better about posting to it more though. I find it is like blogs for me where I end up being way better at reading/looking than actually writing/posting. Oh well...

But if you aren't following me (shameless plug...follow me!) here is what I have been up to!

I have done some concert going. Anyone into Volbeat?! My girlfriend and her fiance, son, Kevin, and I all went. But me and my girlfriend took enough of the allotted amount of selfies that night. Which is apparently four. #hahayeahright #itwasmore #shh #whyamitalkinginhashtags

I also relieved some stress painting with some girlfriends. If you are in the Tucson area I highly recommend Bottle and Brush and if you aren't find a local BYOB painting place near you, cause it is FUN!

My family visited and I met my family's new dog Jax. Jax is part Doberman, German Shepard, and Great Dane. Yeah he will be a pretty good sized dog. This is him at 8 weeks and already 25lbs!

Sadly he thinks he is a  lap dog! Haha! I also spent time cheering on my Wildcats. Now I really could care less about basketball that they are out.

Fresh blooms have been a happy occurrence around these parts. 

I especially love this time of year when the desert shows rare signs of being alive.

Speaking of the desert, I did post the obligitory sunset picture. Painted skies against mountains are a cool sight to see!

Oh and food. Cause every blogger/Instagrammer has to have a picture of food right?!?
Yelp sure does know how to do a good job of stuffing my face full!

Follow @laurenw250 
Who else is a fan of IG?

April 8, 2014

It got Crazy!

So I last mentioned that I took a blog break without even wanting to. Well I made it sound like all I did was work (almost), but I did get in three ski trips. The first one was to Winter Park, Colorado and boy oh boy...did it get crazy!

We had planned a vacation with a bunch of friends and I was stressed because I knew I had to be at work if some people call surveyors stop by. Well they had been toying with us and not stopping by! (No worries, they did, hence why I am back to having a life and blogging!!) We were on a week by week basis waiting for them. So there I am the week of the trip, tickets booked stressing whether they would show up, which in and of itself is stressful, but also stressing about the booked everything that would be all money down the tubes!
Skier Sport Funny When Life Gets Complicated I Ski Post Card
Well then we get to the airport. We went with 7 other people and met in all about 25 people the whole weekend. Coordinating that many people is just too much! Thankfully I did none of that and remained pretty laid back for the weekend.


We got there and our rental car was booked for the wrong weekend. Setting us back which means I didn't stop to buy the skis I wanted. Which meant I had to rent which was a nightmare. We had to walk to the ski shop and ended up walking the wrong way. So we decided we would rent my skis at the base. Wow. Over 20 dollars more for crappier skis and a LONG ass line. So we go all the way back to the other ski shop. A lot of huffing and puffing later, we are finally on the mountain enjoying they day!


I had a headache the whole day. A light one. Nothing I was worried about. I thought for some reason maybe it was my goggles being too tight. Did I mention we were skiing with sustained wind gusts of like 40 MPH?!?! Ugh!

Then we walked us and our equipment all the way home and I just felt horrible! I had such a headache, nausea, etc...I will spare you. I finally knocked myself out with some drugs. Terrible night. 

I woke up the next morning weak. But I had already bought ski tickets!? What is a cheapo to do? Well go out on the mountain late and ski a light day. Pushing myself after what I think was altitude sickness. Then I want to go to bed early after expending my energy on another windy day of skiing.


That night the room next to us was a couple. They had a blow out of a fight. I kept saying prayers for them and holding my husband tight. This was a fight like I had never heard. The worst things that two people could possibly say to each other. So it was a late night listening to them.

All and all it was like a frat house of crazy. I was really happy to get back from the ski town to Denver and meet one of my best girlfriends and her husband and spend the day with them. We had so many laughs and good eats. I love being with people that it is natural with. These two are def the best! And the girls name is Andrea and I am totally calling her out right now on this space to tell her she NEEDS to start a blog! ;-)

We got out of Denver late due to weather, I got three hours of sleep and turned back into a work-a-holic. Was this the best weekend I have ever had? No. But I learned that I love my great friends and my husband more than anything! 

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