August 28, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 8 Fears

I apologize for posting so late! Super busy with work and finally meeting my BFF Tiffany! (See more below!) But another Tuesday means another challenge prompt, and this one was the hardest one for me of all...fears. This was hard because I feel like there are many things that I don't want to happen, but I am not necessarily scared that they will. You feel me?

My biggest fear for some reason? Centipedes. Like a crazy bad fear of them. It can't be normal. Chilopodophobia is what that is called in case you all were wondering. I also really don't like Scorpions.

Not being prepared: the biggest one is packing and thinking that I am missing something. No matter how long I plan and actually pack, I never feel truly prepared.

Tires blowing out. For some reason I always get this feeling that a tire has blown when I am driving and nothing is wrong. haha. I make up my own crap to scare myself. Healthy, no?

Losing my laptop. It is seriously my life line. I cannot/will not (my husband thinks its the latter) use my cell phone for anything other than talking on the phone, words/scramble with friends, and texting. Although now I have instagram! laurenw250! I have never had another laptop in my life. I guess I could lose it, but if everything wasn't backed up...ugh scary. I just got goosebumps!

Or losing Kevin. Let's pretend that I put this above my laptop. Better yet, this is in no specific order! haha! No but really, I couldn't imagine my life without him or my parents or sisters.

This is going to be the fear where everyone says..."Wow Lauren. Shallow much?" Well yeah- I am afraid that I won't be as attractive as I feel I should be. (If that made sense) 

Having a future child that has a serious illness. I saw what my parents went through when my sister was diagnosed and fighting leukemia at the age of 5, and I never want to experience that.

I fear that Tiffany was out of my life way too long! I drove to Phoenix last night (with my friend Lisa) and met up with her for some yummy food! We had the best time! Not to get all psycho, who is this fool she met on the internet, but I felt we should have been best friends for years and years before blogging. Girls, (I don't think I have any male blog followers) If there is someone you love blogging and get to meet them...DO it. But be careful to fear that they have been out of your life for too many years!

Excuse our shininess. It was SUPER hot out side. Ugh boy and is that an attractive angle on me or what?!? Haha we are bad bloggers. We thought we got lots of pictures, but we really didn't...


  1. Cute! So great you have had all of these awesome blates.

  2. I am right there with you on losing my laptop! It's my life! Luckily, I got a new external hard drive not too long ago, but I have yet to back anything up.

  3. i make up crazy sceneraios too,tires blowing out or bridges/underpasses collapsing on me while driving :)

  4. I'm so scared of exposing my fears online? is that a legit thing?
    I love reading these!
    I also agree with tires blowing out.

    1. haha that is funny! gosh I keep replying via email and then realizing that you are a no reply blogger! haha

  5. I do the same thing with my tires! I'm super paranoid about having a wreck!

  6. I am a tire freak, too! I always think something is wrong or they are going flat, but really, everything is fine. ;-)

  7. I am terrified my laptop will just STOP working for no reason and I will lose everything. I am paranoid if I hear any little thing with the car its going to break down, tire blow out and I would mess up trying to do the right thing like turn the tire a certain way and I would be stranded. What if my cell phone didn't have signal..haha, crazy I know. Completely understandable for late posting..its only for fun right. Have a nice day Lauren!

  8. How stinkin awesome that y'all met up! I love that! I will totally meet a blogging buddy before all is over with!

  9. It's so awesome that you got together with your BFF! I think I'd die if I lost my laptop haha

    Loved this post! :)

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  10. Cute party concept! Excited to link up next week (or maybe even today yet if I can get my act together!)


  11. I love this idea! New follower and I'll be posting mine shortly at I hope you stop by and follow back!

  12. Hey girl ... I nominated you for the Liebster Award, Check it out here:

  13. i couldn't agree more with 3, 5, and 7...i'm always afraid something is wrong with my car! so fun that you guys had a bloggie meet up yesterday...sounds like you had a great time!

  14. Yea BBF (best bloggy friends :D)! I had such a fun Happy Hour with you and I'm so thankful you guys decided to drive up!

    PS--I'm terrified of blowing a tire, especially during rush hour. And I'm the same way with fear of not being prepared--packing is the worst! I literally DREAD it every single time we go on a trip. Thank goodness we're always near a store so if I forget something, I can just go buy something new :)

  15. you girls are so cute!!! I finally got my long list done...I needed some writing therapy. It's've been forwarned.

    ~ Lauren

  16. That is so awesome that you and Tiffany were able to meet & spend time together. What a great pic!

    Like yourself, I have a fear of the tire blowing out or going flat.


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