August 21, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

Thank you to everyone who linked up for 10 secrets! Tiffany and I could not be more humbled by the turn out and we can't wait to read your nine loves!

So what are my nine loves you ask?!?

 Kevin. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is my everything. My love.

 In terms of food, I love me some cheese and chocolate! I couldn't go with out them and I can eat crazy amounts in one sit. Add some wine with that and I am really in love! 

I love the rain. (Too bad I live in the desert...those of you who don't take advantage of all your rain!) 

Clean sheets. They just feel so cozy... 

I love flying. I wanted to be a flight attendant all through middle school until I heard that there is a height requirement. Must be 5'4"...yeah I am not there at all.

Blogging. It has been a great way to have me time. I love the escape and I love chronicling my life as a married woman. 

Pedicures. They make you feel better. I love getting my feet and legs rubbed...ahh take me there now! 

Football! Prepare for many a football posts coming your way this fall. I am obsessed! 

Reading. Magazines and books, I love them all. There is nothing like getting lost in a real good book.

Honorable mentions to:
Clean, organized spaces
Pearl earrings
Pool/Beach days
Flowers (especially surprise flowers!)
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  1. Cheese and chocolate...add another C - carbs...talkin dirtay to me now!!!

    3, 5, 6, 7...yes ma'am, if you gave me 20 loves, they would have made the cut!!!

    ~ Lo

  2. Love every single one of your loves! And the honorable mentions haha :) We got an awesome storm tonight--totally out of the blue during dinner time. Clean sheets--best feeling ever! Good choices my friend.

  3. Your list is fantastic! While reading it, I kept going "Ahhh, why didn't I think of that one?" Needless to say, I love your loves

  4. Love all of your loves! Reading is a great way for me to wind down & relax, plus with a glass of wine & cheese, it's like heaven!

  5. Is there really a height requirement for flight attendants? Wow, that's one fact I never knew!!

  6. I could probably just copy your list! Love all of these. I forgot to put clean sheets on my list. Nothing feels better than crawling into bed under clean sheets!

  7. Love Cheese and Chocolate! I wonder if wearing higher shoes could count you in for the 5'4" requirements. Too bad...maybe one day they will change that. Have a beautiful day.

  8. I'm right there with ya on all of those! Especially clean sheets and chocolate! haha

  9. yup pedicures definitely!! my husband has been craving for football season to get here sooner and honestly his excitement is getting me all excited too for football and our fantasy draft!

  10. cheese and chocolate... have you ever been to the melting pot? so yummy! i love pedicures too :)

  11. speaking of sheets: I moved into my uncle's house for a few months until my apartment is ready. The guest bed has the BEST sheets I have EVER felt on them. I ask about the sheets and my cousin tell me they take them on camping trips and vacation. Um? I must be missing something here because, yes I like to feel good when I'm on vacation, but I sure wouldn't wait weeks and months in between them to use these awesome sheets. I may have to snag them when I move out! :)

  12. cheese and chocolate are my favorite food groups! This is a great link up!

  13. Love the post idea. I have to agree with your list in my house I always get excited for clean sheet night and there seems to be no mood a pedicure can't fix.

  14. oooo I love clean sheets. so wonderful...

  15. Ok...I love cheese and chocolate too...just not together. :) I look forward to your football's a love of mine too, but it didn't quite make the cut on my list and you're making me want a pedicure.

  16. I should have put all around pampering as one of my nine loves. I love mani /pedis, massages and facials? Totally obsessed with clean sheets. I recently started using Downey unstopables which adds extra scent to your laundry. Nothing like clean fresh smelling sheets!

  17. I had no idea there was a height requirement to be a flight attendant! Cheese is a major addiction of mine! LOVE it!

  18. I love your 6, 7, and 8 :) We have been counting down to football season for months!

  19. Great loves :D Cheese and chocolate sounds delicious, oh man. We have a ton of rain in Washington, I don't mind it on occasion haha! I wanted to be a flight attendant once, but the height requirement stopped me too. Pedicures and reading, sign me up!

  20. Hi! I am new follower and found you because you were doing the 10 Day You Challenge just like me, it is actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed reading your posts!! Stop by and say Hi!


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