September 28, 2012

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Identity Theft

Identity theft is a hard thing to fight. It is one thing when a criminal gets your credit card number, but fighting off a criminal when they get your social security number, date of birth, and name? A whole different story.

Unfortunately criminals will hack into cancer clinical trials and records to access this information to steal identities. Sadly, the biggest hope to these criminals is that the person is dead. They hope cancer won.

I was only recently turned onto this problem since my sister's clinical trial information was hacked into on Tuesday.

This is a crime that is striking the childhood cancer community like a wildfire in the middle of a dry summer. This type of identity theft, which is not limited to the childhood cancer community, is estimated to cost the federal government upwards of $1.2 billion annually. So, does this "crime" matter and require prosecution? 

Absolutely is my response. Yet there is an argument that it did not matter if some kids' social security numbers were stolen and used to file tax returns. Imagine the pain of losing your child, and then imagine someone stealing her identity. 

I am hoping my sister and parents do not have to go through the pain of someone stealing her identity. Some other people will just use a name like my sister's and claim them for tax purposes.

We need to stand up to this! There are children and a families who have already suffered and will continue to suffer for the remainder of their lives. They have already gone through and some have lost their children. 

In addition, sadly many families who have had to go through this, say the IRS is not helpful in resolving the issue once it has occurred. (go figure.)

It does matter, and that's why you should call your congressperson and ask them to co-sponsor HR 3475 to stop the sale of the death master index, and ultimately the fraudulent use of social security numbers to steal from the government. Yes, it does matter.

I went to this website:
And it says that this bill has a 2 percent chance of being enacted.

COME ON!! Seriously? That is sad.
This will save the hardship of parents who's kids have lost their lives to cancer and as a bonus save the government lots of money.

Please act on this. I never like getting political, but cancer is an issue that I take seriously. Besides, cancer shouldn't be a political issue. Cancer does not discriminate.

p.s. happy birthday to my mom! Love you mom!

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  1. Oh my GOD. As if certain human beings couldn't get any freaking LOWER. This is sick. Repulsive. I never would have even thought about something like this. I can't even put into words how appalled I am. What a sick "industry" to involve yourself in-- even for a criminal. Cancer touches everyone, how would those low lives feel if someone did that to someone in their family?! Ugh. People never fail to disgust me. Thank you for raising awareness and I will DEFINITELY be drawing attention to this post.

  2. wow - this is stuff that nobody knows goes on behind the scene!! no wonder it has such a low percentage rate of passing!! people are low and heartless (sadly) if losing a loved one isn't hard enough, you then have to take on problems that a thief brought on. very sad. I will be writing because I believe writing helps!

  3. Ugh I hate how people use horrible times to benefit themselves

  4. That is crazy. I will visit that website now!

  5. What? I'd obviously heard of identity theft before, but I had no idea that there are people out there specifically targeting cancer clinics! And hoping that someone has died just so that they can get some money is disgustingly heartless! I can't believe that an issue like this would only have a 2% chance! I've linked to your blog in a blog post this week and I'll try to spread the word about this issue too :)


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