November 27, 2012

Tuesday Topics: Anywhere in the World

Today is Kevin's Birthday!!!

If I could be anywhere today, it would be with Kevin. We both have to work, which means we won't see each other today.

oh hey baby Kevin!

You can lick the beaters this year!
I also wrote a little poem (if you can call it that)
for Kevin on his birthday.

*clears throat* goes:

dear kevin, 

i love you times a million. 

i love that this year on your birthday, 

i get to be your wife & plan everything for you! 

i love how good you already are at being a husband. 

i love your scruff. i love your humor. 

i love how hard you work & how smart you are. 

i love your kisses on my cheek every morning. 

i love how much you care about me and others. 

i love how you would do anything for me.

i love how you research everything.

i love your compliments. 

i love how you share all your 

things with me (including food! :) 

you are such a great friend, brother, son, nephew, and 

ESPECIALLY husband. 

you make everything better.

you are my best friend and the most loving guy there is.

happy 23! i love you!

I have a fun birthday week planned, so get ready for FUN! XO!

As for actual physical places, here is my wish list!

I would like to go to Mexico

I would like to go to Australia

I would like to go to a Denver Broncos game

I would like to go to some Island getaways

I would like to see all states in the United States

Next week is your five favorite recipes! 
I seriously will remember to eat before I read all of your mouthwatering answers! :-)
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  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! :)

  2. Happy birthday to Kevin!

    Cute poem. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband! Love the cute picture of little Kevin!

  4. Happy birthday to Kevin! That is such a sweet poem!
    I would love to go to Australia! One day I hope to go to all 50 states :D

  5. I would love to visit all 50 states! Happy Birthday Lauren's Hubby :)

  6. HAppppppy Birthday to your hubby! What a sweet poem!!!!! :) Wooohooooo for your Australia and 50 states ;) Will link up with this later tonight! :)

  7. Hi! Newest follower!
    Drop by if you get the chance!

    Trying To Be Who I Am


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