November 4, 2012

What a House Would Look Like Decorated by a Man

Wow sorry guys, I am slacking!
This going between two houses thing and not having internet at one is hard!
I am still learning that balance thing.
I will say I have gotten better about the dinners!
Yay me!

So when we purchased our new home (yay!) Kevin's first words to me were: "Okay now you have to make it pretty for us."

This got me thinking, what would a house look like if we let guys decorate?
Here are my hunches:

There would be bars of soap lying around instead of nice pump soaps

Their idea of decorating a wall in the living room is putting a flat screen on the entire wall. Proportion be damned

The guest bedrooms would either be empty or full of more TVs or gym equipment

It would have one pillow on their bed, none on the couch or on any chairs. Basically, a lot less pillows.

It might be picked up, but it definitely will not be vacuumed as often. (or dusted)

Their choice of couch will be determined by the most comfortable one for watching TV

There wouldn't be any curtains. Probably just some blinds

Unless the walls are super bad, there probably will be no painting of any kind. Looking at those paint swatches is like death to guys

There wouldn't be a lot of color choices in their furniture...white, black, brown, or gray will do

There would not be any decor on their coffee tables

What else would happen in a house decorated by a man?


  1. I could only imagine haha! I can see a lot of beer and other funny posters. I picture a giant man cave (:

  2. When we bought our first place my husband wanted to put a poster of Mel Gibson as Braveheart in the living room. I won that battle!

  3. Maybe there would be blinds haha...only if they came with the house. And definitely no soap pumps--especially decorative ones.

  4. haha this cracks me up because I went to take a picture of a guy running for a position here in town and when my husband and I walked into his house to take the pic, the first thing I noticed was a quilt hanging on a wall - really? I tried so hard not to laugh then and there but he wanted to decorate so bad. I'm sure the quilt had meaning so if something has meaning, hang it up right? haha. cute post! My hubby is not like "most" men by any means - I have to bed him to let me decorate because he enjoys it so much....but I'm with you on the soap part for sure. will they ever learn that BARS are a no no unless they're in hiding. ha

  5. You'd have no clean dishes as they'd be scattered amongst the house :)

  6. There would be no candles....or colour coordinating bit and pieces.
    I guarantee every guys wants one of those all in one chairs.....Comfortable to watch tv, has a fridge for the beer, microwave for the food... reclines to sleep....connected to the xbox and i bet if they could a toilet as well hahaha! xx

  7. So funny! & probably so right. Except, I think my man actually enjoys helping decorate! There probably would be no rugs though.. and only beer and hot pockets in the fridge bahaha

  8. This is so true! We walked in this evening after being gone all weekend, and I immediately started talking about how messy our house was. B looked at me and said "Really?? I was just thinking it was super clean!" And if he was the decorator there'd be no pretty bedding, only paper plates and cups, a giant tv in every room and flags tacked up on every wall (university of Texas and the state of Texas).. Love this post!

  9. Clothes everywhere! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loving yours. Can't wait to read more.
    xoxo jillian

  10. This is so funny! This would be John's house. The only difference, he enjoys cleaning more than I do.

  11. Love it!! And I have that print in my house!

  12. definitely hit the nail on the head with this one.

    Pretty sure if my hubby was left to decorate our home, there would be Spider-man decor in No lie.

  13. This is hilarious! definitely clothing out of drawers, especially socks. My husband told me he used to keep his clean socks in a pile next to the dresser. Only makes sense to a guy.

    xo Ashley

  14. Haha love this, everything you said is probably true! My fiance is a hunter, if he had his way our house would have deer mounted in the living room and bedroom. We don't live together or anything yet, but you bet your bottom dollar I've already nixed that idea, hehe :)

  15. What a fun post. If our house were decorated by my husband there would certainly be no pillows for looks only. He hates all the extra pillows I have around! Thanks for linking up with Medical Monday's it's fun to find new blogs to read. Best of luck with the nursing job search in Tucson, and I love your blog background and header. Navy and Hot Pink are a favorite combination of mine.

  16. I actually let my husband do most of the decorating in the house. He actually is very good at spacial balance and colors. I just have to reel him in every now and then to keep the house from getting to be too much of a man cave! ha!
    Wonderful to find you via Medical Monday! Now following and can't wait to read more. :)

  17. I love this post! There would probably also be posters on the wall like you'd see in a college dorm room...and towers of empty beer cans passed off as "art". LOL.


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