May 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Ten things that make you happy

Yay for a new round of Tuesday Topics!
Tiffany and I announced last week that participating in this link up can get you entries to a giveaway!

Speaking of Tiffany, congrats are in order as Elliott has made his debut!
I am so happy for her.

Ten other things that make me happy....

Kevin. I am so lucky to have known him since I was a freshman in high school and been dating him since we were juniors in high school. He has been with me through thick and thin and loves me no matter what. He is truly the right and greatest man for me.

Having a Job. I remember the highs and lows for searching for a job. It stunk. I know what I am doing isn't my dream, but I learn so much every day. The rate of unemployment is so high for new grads, especially in Nursing, that I feel fortunate to have a job to go to.

Blogging. I look forward to writing out posts, reading other people's posts, finding friends, getting comments, it is all so fun!

Thunderstorms. I get absolutely down right giddy when it storms. Or even rains. Guess that is the desert girl in me!

Chocolate. I try to have some everyday!

Singing in the Car. When a favorite song comes on in the car, I just turn it up and get lost in the music!

A clean house, workplace, and sheets. Ahh. I felt good just saying that!

Friends and Family. There is no way I could be truly happy without them!

Pedicures. There is just something so relaxing about getting someone to massage your feet and get your toes painted. I wish I could afford to have them more often.

Feeling Skinny. Hasn't happened much lately, but it is pretty good to feel skinny. Wish I was getting better at working to lose some weight.

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. Blogging is a very happy thing for me, too! And you guys are spoiled to have known each other since you were so young. I didn't meet Angel till he was 24--but then again, I think if I met him as a teenager I wouldn't have liked him a bit. :P
    I didn't know that it was hard for Nursing grads to get their first job. Man, I'm glad we're already past that hurdle. Angel has about 4 years of work experience now. Seems like that went by fast!

  2. Oh I totally should have out pedicures on my list! They make me really happy!

  3. I had such a hard time choosing only 10 things! Pedicures and thunderstorms deifnitely make me happy, too. And chocolate, what girl doesn't love chocolate? Basically I could just "ditto" your whole list I think :) That's so cool you and Kevin have been together for so long - we have, too, and I feel so grateful for that too.

  4. I love thunderstorms too- and snuggled all up in clean sheets when it is happening! Thanks for hosting!

  5. So there is a shortage of nursing jobs nowadays? When I graduated in 2004, everyone I knew who was in nursing found jobs and they were always advertising for the need and even to this day, Keith tells me I should go get something in medical because he feels everyone there is getting hired.

  6. I get Pedicures all the time..... love them :O)

  7. I love pedicures but for some reason I don't get them very often. Feeling skinny definitely makes me happy!

  8. Pedicures are amazing!! I actually just got one yesterday :) chocolate is my weakness...I actually just finished some chocolate covered strawberries, yum!!!

    I love this link-up! This is my first time here

  9. hey I'm a new follower linking up for Tuesday topics!!

  10. Thunderstorms? Girl, you are crazy. They scare me so much! I agree about feeling makes me feel better too. Not sure why I can't remember that feeling when I decided to eat junk or not work out! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  11. oh...pedicures! I love those!!! thanks for hosting the link-up! love the topics for this round :)

  12. I love thunderstorms too! I was actually hoping we got one here tonight since it suddenly got really hot, but unfortunately it hasn't happened yet!

  13. Right now I have been having ice cream everyday, but chocolate is so good too! I love blogging too! Sometimes I wonder if it's a healthy or unhealthy obsession... But it's funny how much I look forward to writing posts, reading comments and finding/making new friends! Thanks for visiting my blog btw!

  14. Ohhh chocolate!!! (Now I'm craving some). And pedicures. You're right..there's something so relaxing about it..and they make me feel so much better!

  15. There is nothing like an Arizona monsoon thunderstorm. And pedicures are pretty awesome. Thanks for another round!

  16. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  17. So here i am browsing blogs, and i say to myself.. "self i wonder if Lauren has a new tuesday topics..." and u does! best day ever!!! :pLOL

  18. Found you last night through Ali at Chasing Moonlight and Roses! Love this link up--it's good to reflect on things that make you happy! =)


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