July 9, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Favorite Quotes

Favorite quotes, this is a hard one for me..

Well I had a senior quote in the yearbook.

With the advent of Pinterest, there have been so many beautiful images with inspiring quotes:

Grace not perfection.

read and remember this is my fav quote ever!

I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday! Thanks for linking up! Oh and next week come back to start entering in Tiffany and mine giveaway. Entries are your link up links to the topics!

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. I LOVE that first quote. It totally hit home with me today!

  2. Those are all great quotes! Pinterest is definitely a gold mine when it comes to quotes and pretty pictures, ha ha! I am excited about this weeks prompt :D

  3. What great quotes - especially the second one!!!

  4. I love Audrey! She's was such a classic beauty inside and out!

  5. I love using Pinterest for quotes and these are some great ones!

  6. Pinterest is the only way to go when posting your favorite quotes ;) I like that last quote by Audrey Hepburn a lot :) Happy Tuesday and thanks for the link up!

  7. Love the first one! The second is SOOOO much easier said than done :) Hope you are having a great week!

  8. Well, this is a great collection of quotes with nice pictures. I love them reading. I appreciate your effort in bringing and sharing such beautiful love quotes with us. For more quotes on love visit http://www.pinxup.com/quotes


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