July 2, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Four Things I Have Learned (Outside of School)

I went to pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

My two sisters and I all went to the same pre-school, and so far the same college. My sisters went to a different middle school and high school than I did. My parents switched them to a better middle school and I transferred across town to the high school with the swim team. We did all go to the same elementary school, but my sisters went to a private kindergarten.

Curses of being the eldest child is that you get experimented on to truly see what schools work and don't work.

Would I have done like my mom and switched my sisters into the private kindergarten and to a different middle school. Yes. 100% yes. My sisters absolutely loved their kinder experience, and I went to an awful middle school. But still asking my sisters, middle school was still their least favorite. Seems to be everyone's least favorite...

Anyway, I digress. We learn a lot more than academics in school hence why personally I don't believe I want to homeschool my future little ones. Had I been home-schooled, I would have never met Kevin and learned what it is to truly fall in love.

Mush over and out.
Here are some things I did not learn in school:

one: be polite
Greet everyone with a smile and a "good morning". Be kind and caring. This can do a long way. You can turn a person's day around without you even knowing it, and it could make your day a whole bunch easier.

two: some people are destined to be awkward/don't bring girls down
These are kind of two totally different things, but books cannot teach you people skills. Haven't we all been there with the really weird person with absolutely no social skills?!
Oh and girls, lets love each other. Come together and don't piss on each other's parade.

three: being a sister is harder than it looks
I love my sisters more than they know. My heart breaks every time I see them hurt. The worst is when they are figuring something out that I could help them with and they either don't ask for help or really need to unfortunately figure it out on their own.

four: there are way more than four things that you learn not in school
Such as:
True gentleman exist
Friends will come and go
It is not all what you know, it is who you know (This one was a HARD one to learn being such a simple concept!)
Money doesn't grow on trees
Losing weight is hard
Family is important
Work and money aren't everything
Stay healthy and happy--that is important
how to cook
how to bake
how to sow
how to be a good wife, mother, sister, friend, loved one
be confident but know you won't always be right
how to make a house a home
never stop praying

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  1. So much of that is learned by environment. It's scary out there what girls are doing to each other. I don't know how I would have survived that kind of crap in middle school. After seeing it with my friend's kids, it makes me want to homeschool Lola.

  2. Its amazing how mean girls can be to one another. Sometimes its not even worth the drama. Men can be the same but sometimes its just easier to be friends with them!

  3. I love the ecard at the top. (: It is perfect. Just because your nice to someone that you don't particularly care for is not fake.

  4. Girls can be outright awful to each other, it's true :( And I completely agree that family and prayer are so important! :)

  5. So agree with your #3!! I am the oldest of 3 girls and I feel the same about them. .. I can get pretty fiesty if they are messed with!

  6. I don't have a lot of close relationships with women. I think it's because it involves getting intimate and close, beyond the superficial. But also because they end up being so mean to each other, unnecessarily. I love my low drama life. Great listing!

  7. Yes, yes, yes and Yes!! I agree with all four! How fun that you host this link up! Maybe I'll try to join next week!

    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  8. What a great post! I definitely feel like all of life's important lessons were learned outside of the classroom.
    The Grass Skirt

  9. I love this post! I wish that there were etiquette classes in school so that some people could have been taught manners ha ha! It's so crazy how many bullies there are now days :(

  10. great post! its funny how people can tell you all of these things... but it's not until you've lived them that you really learn and cherish the life lessons!

  11. I've learned the same thing about girls....some are just not nice to one another. I don't get it....

  12. #1 is so true!!



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