July 30, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Ten Things I Live For

It is a great day to be alive! I am so lucky to be living for so many different things!

Kevin and being a great wife: We have been together since I was 16 and have grown every year since into a most amazing team. Everyday, I may not succeed, but I try and be the best wife that I can be.
This is me being a good wife and hiking with that husband of mine!

Family: I love when we can all be together. I didn't choose my family, but I got pretty lucky with them. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I live to be the best daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, and in the future best aunt, mom, and grandmother I can be.

Friends: I just love surrounding myself with lots of fun and happy people.

My Job: I really am now digging my job. I am thankful everyday I have a job. I live to serve my patients and my family by going and working hard everyday.

Travelling: I love experiencing new places with people I love. Simple as that.

Football: 37 days! But who is counting...

Chocolate: Reese's cups, Peppermint Patty's, Kit Kats....yum! Oh and cake...cause who doesn't like chocolate cake?!?

Beautiful things: Simple love of beautiful things makes me sooo happy! Capturing these beautiful moments increases my happiness.
All of it.

Blogging: This has been and continues to be a fun way to get to know amazing people and chronicle my life well! I love blogging!

Everything else: Volunteering for a great cause, America, Music, Summer nights, great food, Fall days, Holidays, the smell of flowers or freshly baked cookies, a clean and happy home, memories, success stories, and most importantly....me!

Live it up people and next Tuesday Tiffany and I will be announcing the winners from the Tuesday Topics Giveaway we just had!



  1. Those are all great things to live for! I love the photos you chose :D

  2. I was going to put blogging on my list but ended up not putting it down. I guess I live for more things than I thought!

  3. Ahhh chocolate! That should have been on my list too :)

  4. Great list...love that you put chocolate on there! :-)

  5. Such a feel good post! Definitely thinking about life's blessings can change a mood!! Oh, and I'm definitely counting down the days until football ;)


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