July 16, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Two Travels

Ready for some pre-blog travels people?
And some photo overload?

Oh and if you make it down to the bottom there is a giveaway at the end for ya...

That Time I Went to Hawaii
Yeah quite the lucky ducky. Kevin's family took us to Kauai for Christmas back in 2010! It was beautiful!
 The view from one of the places we stayed. Complete with a Christmas tree on the beach!

 Having fun in that cold ocean!



 And yay for time at the beach!

We went to a luau which was lots of fun too!

As a kid, the only vacations I ever took were to Ohio to visit family. They live in Cleveland and Columbus areas.
The year Kevin and I graduated from High School, my parents took him with us!

My favorite things:
messing around with my sisters
hanging out with family
squire's castle
green trees
indian's games
beach time
niagra falls
light saber fights with my cousin
walks down the country road
easton shopping

Jeez, I look so young in all of these! Hope you enjoyed my blast from the past!

Let me hear your travel memories and then be sure to enter in this awesome Tuesday Topics giveaway!!
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Good luck!!
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Life. Love.Lauren


  1. You guys both look super young in all those pictures! And it looks like both the exotic and the not-so-exotic vacation was pretty awesomely fun!

  2. Hawaii is on my to-do list...which just keeps growing and growing!! But I love to travel so I do see it happening one day :)

  3. Aww I love that you picked Ohio! I love Ohio. I always think of that song Ohio is for Lovers by Hawthorne Heights.

  4. Hawaii looks like so much fun! And you can't beat family time either :)

  5. I've been to Hawaii and loved it! I've been to Ohio too!

  6. I love Hawaii, too! All linked up and entered!

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  8. i hadn't even noticed the christmas tree in that first photo. too distracted by the stunning view.

    and that squire's castle's neat.

  9. I've never been to Kauai yet, but I've heard amazing things about that island. Definitely going to make it there one day, hopefully before babies! :D

  10. Just came across your blog. Super cute! Love the pictures.

  11. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Many of my friends have been there and my parents have gone a couple times..I hope my turn is soon :)


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